Throughout July and August of 2019, I was employed by Saracen media as a marketing intern for a few weeks. Saracen media is part of a global agency known as theĀ Omnicom Group (OMD), they are a specialist media agency that provides media planning, buying, control and inventory management services. For of my internship, I was lucky enough to work at their head office in Nairobi, Kenya. The organisation is one of the biggest agencies in East-Africa and is responsible for the advertisements campaigns for a wide range organisation such as Uber, Safaricom among many more. The organisation has received numerous awards in the past and have been praised the global media agency of the year 6 times in the last 12 years including in 2019 by Adweek.

Every day I made 15-minute commute where I saw a load of billboards and roadside advertisements that I and my team had worked on in the weeks prior. I would report to work every at around 9 AM although many of my colleagues would get in at around 10 AM. My team consisted of 13 people in the creative marketing group although the office had roughly 200 people. A typical day started with a briefing about what clients we would be meeting today as well as objective that we set ourselves on work that needed to be done.

On the 26th of July, I was instructed to perform a site visit. During site visits, it is my responsibility to ensure that our adverts such as billboard and posters are put up exactly the way our organisation intended in order to reach our desired audience. For this site visit, we were working on this youth empowerment project (Blaze) that aims to give the Kenyan youth a platform to excel in whatever field they choose to do it in.

Working at Saracen Media gave me the opportunity to understand the marketing sector a lot more than I did in the past. As a student, there is only so much you can learn by simply studying you need to get real-life experience in order to fully grasp the idea. I got to apply skills and theory I have learned from my course such as understanding your target audience and finding a unique selling point. Given that the organisation was in Kenya I got to learn a lot about the marketing culture there and found that many of the techniques that many organisation in the west find outdated, such as the use of radio as an effective marketing tool, are still very important in Kenya as not everyone has access to the internet.

My experience at this organisation reaffirmed my desire to work in the sector as I truly enjoyed the challenges set in front of me. Therefore, I can see my self doing this job in the future. Working at Saracen gave me valuable work experience and the things I learned during my short internship will stay with me for the rest of my life.