The Wellness Summit hosted by Miss Jones was by far my favourite day during my time at my placement. The event was hosted at Mortimer House in London, a really nice and modern style building with an exquisite restaurant located on the bottom floor. The event itself was for Miss Jones’s members-only with each room of the house hosting a different type of activity to improve their ‘wellness’ both in and out the workplace.

The day started really early as I had to arrive at the event at 7.30am, upon arrival, I met up with my mentor and her boss to discuss the day’s events and what I would be doing. I was assigned different duties throughout the day so I was always on my feet. Thankfully, I was also introduced to two of my mentors friends who had agreed to help out on the day and make sure it ran as smoothly as possible.

My first task was to help the various instructors and motivational speakers set up their rooms and goody bags which were given to the clients as they left the day. This was quite an easy task, although due to a lack of communication the majority had bought less than required freebies to go in the bags. This led to some bags looking slightly different than others and there were worries paying member clients would be disheartened, however, this was not the case. As a precaution, I tried to even out the rest of the freebies to make up for other things that were not there. For example, I put extra chocolates in bags that had no energy shot.

After all our guests had arrived I was sent to reception to check in our client members who had begun to arrive. As per the building’s security measures each client had to sign in with their name and time of entrance before then going on to sign in again with me. Once they had signed in with me electronically it kept a tab on who was here and who was not which made it easier to see how many people had turned up out of those invited. I was reminded that signing in twice may be frustrating for some members and that I should greet everyone with a smile and be happy to help with their queries. Despite some negative comments, the majority understood our position and expressed their excitement for what the day ahead held for them.

Once all clients had checked-in I was sent to floors two and three of Mortimer House to electronically check in clients to their activities. Due to the popularity of the event, the majority of the activities were fully booked so it was vital that clients were kept moving and not hanging around in the corridors. I was sure to remain calm and friendly as I asked them to keep moving once activities had finished, there were no issues with this as most clients did not want to miss out. My floors consisted of flower arranging on floor two and a blow-dry and makeup session on floor three, I managed to get a photo of the flower arrangement session which you can see below.

One of the most difficult issues I faced during the day was clients wanting to participate in activities they had not pre-booked. The rooms were only so big so to add extra clients onto an activity was very difficult and required someone else not turning up or if they could swap their time with someone else. For the more popular sessions such as the blow-dry and makeup activity this was almost impossible. Later in the day, an ethical dilemma arose after a client who explained she had been a member of Miss Jones for several years and had recently become ill asked to be transferred onto the blow-dry and makeup activity. After I explained this was not possible she persisted with her efforts and due to the circumstances I took her name and promised I could see what I could do.

During lunch provided by the restaurant, I explained the situation to my mentor who said to look at the online system and see if I could swap her with someone that hadn’t turned up. After some research it seemed there was one member who it seemed had not turned up to the day at all and had missed out all their sessions. After double checking this with my mentor I swapped the two clients around which gave the women a slot at the blow-dry and makeup activity. After informing her of this change she was very grateful and explained that I had made her day. This was very heartwarming to hear and was one of my favourite moments of the day.

My final job of the day was handing out the gift bags to the leaving guests. As I did so I was met with praise and happiness from the clients and guests who both expressed how they thoroughly enjoyed the day. Even though it was one of my toughest days with the company, watching something come together which I helped plan and run was very satisfying. Without a doubt, this day will be my favourite while working with Miss Jones and I will be sure to use the skills I learned that day when I come across similar situations in my career.