Every morning at precisely 9:00 am I smile at the security guard as I enter The Times of India building in Mumbai. On the way to the office my senses are exposed to aggressive rains, the sound of the cars and honking, people screaming and running frantically all over the place trying to get somewhere, entering this building felt like entering a different world.  The smell of tea, coffee and everyone’s warm welcome to each other ran across the room, every morning. The mornings in this office used to always be something I used to look forward to, as everyone’s energy was so inspiring and contagious!

The first task every morning used to be to search for content for Hello magazine’s social media account. Along with the pictures, I wrote captions and hashtags for each image.  It was something I liked doing as it provided me with more story ideas.

After completing that task,  the whole edit team used to sit and brainstorm ideas with the Senior Editor, this used to help me  improve my articles further. There were times that the focus of the story used to completely change after this discussion, as I used to come up with a new idea that would be more interesting for the readers.

After an intense discussion, I had to put those ideas into execution. Some days it took me time to execute those ideas,  some days it didn’t take time at all. I remember that one day my editor had asked another intern and myself to look for ten high resolution pictures of certain celebrities for the story we were writing. The picture had to show the celebrities body type as the story’s focus offered women tips on how to dress for their body type. Since the pictures we were looking for were so specific and had the requirement of being high quality, it took us the entire day to find these images! One particular assignment I really enjoyed doing was writing about technology and style.  It was engaging to research about things I didn’t know existed. This task was typical for me to concentrate on in the afternoon – once completed, I could offer my services to the editor – or agree that it was time to go home.

What I really enjoyed about my role was that it wasn’t only restricted to just writing and editing. It was a good mix of doing multiple things such as social media marketing, researching about the latest lifestyle trends and creating pitches for people to be a part of Hello! magazine’s latest issue. It is something I needed as it opened a lot of avenues which may aid me in my direction for the future.