A ‘Day In The Life’ at North American Vacation Homes

My day would typically start at 8:50AM, I always liked to arrive slightly earlier to ensure that I was ready for the day ahead (computer was working, my notes were all in order etc) The offices were only a 25 minute walk away from home so it was a nice way to start the day, especially when the sun was shining.

Friday’s were always my favourite, the day would be very relaxed and everyone used Fridays to tie up any loose ends they had after the busy week that we had had. It would also be a great time for me to talk to my supervisor and the team about my progress as well as learning about next week’s projects. Friday’s allowed me to personally process the week, to think about what I gained from it and what new skills I can take into the week ahead.

Typically I would begin with the list of house that hadn’t yet had PDF’s made for them. Usually, this would involve following the link to the property, using the housing ‘code’ to categorise them, editing images of the houses to add to the portfolio and writing a description for the properties/ the area in which the properties were located… here’s a basic example below (It was great to have a nosey at all the houses as well) Once the PDF’s had been created I would input them into the Excel spreadsheet before doing a quick ‘tea run’ (expected from an office role). On a few occasions, another girl (Danielle) who was carrying out work experience would join us on a Friday so some days I would leaze with her which meant the task would get finished a lot quicker.

When writing the description for the houses, it meant I had to research the community/ the area the houses were located in. It was great to learn more about Florida and has definitely made me want to travel there in the near future. Whilst I was at NAVH, a few of the team travelled to the office in Orlando for a few weeks, so it was great to receive updates from them.

Throughout the due course of my placement, my secondary supervisor (Jane) could really sense my excitement for travel, so has suggested to Brian that I should be considered for future business trips to America. This is an extremely exciting prospect for me, I believe they aim to grow as a company and become more in touch with the shifting technological/ creative marketing landscape that I suggest whilst I was with them. It was a great feeling to learn skills from individuals that had been in the industry for over 30 years whilst also feeling like I was making an impact by talking to them about my degree, new advertising/ marketing methods that they could use and general ways of ‘modernising’ the company.

Friday’s were also great because when 4:30pm hit, the bottle of wine would come out! Wine Friday’s seemed to be a welcome relief for the majority of the team, it was a chance for everyone to unwind, to have a moan if needs me about any projects that had frustrated them this past week and to leave with a fresh head, ready for the week ahead. I always liked to leave myself a list on my desk of ‘things to do’ this meant that when I arrived back into work after the weekend I could jump straight back into the projects I’d been working on with ease.