During my one-month placement with The Ambassador Theatre Group and The Princess Theatre, I was tasked with designing some of the promotional work for this year’s pantomime: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. This ranged from the press release to a variety of promotional posters.

With this creative piece being for the pantomime, it allowed for a lot more freedom when writing the press release and some flexibility when creating the promotional work. However, both exercises had certain guidelines to follow, such as word counts, sizes and a couple of specific things that had to feature such as cast photos and I had to make sure that everything was done correctly and efficiently.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Promotional Poster – By Josh Burgess

The Press Release

I was asked to create the press release for the pantomime in the first week of my placement. When I was asked, this was the first task that I wasn’t expecting to be doing and was a great challenge for me. However, I really enjoyed expressing some creativity when writing the press release. While I had to make sure that some of the story synopsis was in there, as well as a few casting details, the rest of the press release flowed as I thought of sentences to put in there which would string together and create a piece that would create a selling point and promote the pantomime in the right way; targeting itself at every audience member – from mums and dads to younger children and teenagers alike. The final result was this:

“Mirror, mirror, on the wall, Torquay’s Princess Theatre pantomime, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, is the fairest pantomime of them all! Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is coming to the Princess Theatre from the 13th December 2019 to the 5th January 2020. With fabulous costumes, sensational song and dance numbers for all to enjoy and plenty of comedy for people of all ages, this performance is not one to be missed.

Come and join Snow White, Prince Valentine, Huntsman Goodheart and, of course, The Dwarves in a retelling of the famous fairy-tale. The Wicked Queen is trying to poison Snow White and become the fairest of them all. It’s up to our heroic characters to save Snow White and foil the Wicked Queen’s evil plans.

This festive family show will be brought to life by a spectacular cast. Back by popular demand and showing his love for Torquay, Hollyoaks actor Marcus Patrick reprises the role of Huntsman Goodheart alongside star of The X Factor and Devon’s very own Luke Friend as Prince Valentine. Stepping into a new role, and swapping true loves kiss for the poison apple, Helen Kent returns to the Princess Theatre as The Wicked Queen. Also returning to the Princess Theatre are Carl Johns as Muddles and Phil Randall as Sarah the Cook.”

Additionally, to feature alongside the press release, I spent some of my spare time in the office writing a poem. This was enjoyed by everyone in the office and features on the website today, along with the press release that I created: 

“Do not delay,
Book your tickets today,
For if you do not,
You will lose your spot.
To book your seat,
So that you don’t miss a treat,
Just give us a call,
To be the fairest of them all.
As we come to the end,
And the twenties are around the bend,
Give us some festive cheer,
To end this wonderful year.”

The Promotional Posters

When it came to designing the promotional posters, I was given a template to work with. However, I was told that I could be flexible with the template and the design as the Princess Theatre has a good relationship with the pantomime company, New Pantomime Productions.

So, by using Adobe Photoshop, I was able to design and adapt the promotional posters to what I thought would entice audiences to look at the posters and have an interest in this year’s pantomime. With adding outer-glows to the cast members, the titles and the castles, altering sizes of the writing, making sure the contact details were in place and making sure the company logos were in place, the promotional posters were successfully created.

Alternatively, I also created a half-page poster, an instagram photo, a banner, an email image, a window sticker, a digital screen image and a web image – all to coincide with the pantomime. While each of them may have a similar appearance, it took an extremely large amount of precision and patience in changing the sizes and glow levels, among other features, to get them to be how they are in their final forms. 

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Promotional Poster – By Josh Burgess

These tasks were some of my favourites during my time with The Ambassador Theatre Group and The Princess Theatre; allowing me to have some flexibility and creativity in my work as well as develop skills in Photoshop and creative writing, as well as my confidence in showing some my work off to people in the office.