Me on my first day
Me on my First Day at The James Wigg

Going into work, I didn’t find it repetitive nor boring. I would arrive at work at 9am and then sit next to my supervisor Darren, and the other Intern Thomas. The start of the day would predominantly focus on checking emails, something I didn’t realise the importance of, responding to queries and checking any additional work we had been set. This was followed by a quick brief and catch up with my supervisor to make sure that me and Thomas was on track and knew what we were doing throughout the day.  

Working every day from 9am until 4pm is something I found hard to transition from my time at University. I think one of the most refreshing qualities of University is the notion of independence and choosing when to work on your assignments, obviously you don’t get to do this in the working world and was the most challenging aspect of this placement. I must admit, I did get used to this as the placement progressed but definitely at the start I found the transition hard to comply with. I felt like the hours were very long and made me drift in concentration towards the end of the day, but I think one thing that helped with this process is the motivation from my team members. One bit of advice that I would like to share about this for others going into the working world, is to really get stuck in with your work and make sure the job you are doing is one you enjoy! Don’t sit there staring at the clock waiting for the minutes to go down.

The majority of time at James Wigg was to manage and organise small events, which involved me booking a venue with a date correlating with the availability of everyone and then look into products that I might need to make the event run smoothly. Good communications skills was essential to this element as was important to get right. Then, my favourite part of the job, I was responsible for the creation of leaflets and sometimes posters to somewhat advertise the occurrence. I was sometimes asked to post about this on the companies twitter account.

Draft example of my work

One job I particularly enjoyed at the beginning of the placement was the re-design of the company’s website. A task I had little experience that led to me learning a lot about the software Dreamweaver, more about HTML and CSS that was first introduced to me during my time at university on the Web and Communications unit. The development of my computer skills helped significantly in other tasks, especially in the design aspect.

Me at my desk

Having lived only a twenty-minute walk from the office, I didn’t get to experience the sense of the commute life but living in London this was only to be expected. This turned out to be extremely effective as I didn’t have to pay for travel and got to experience the wonderful scenery of North London and managed to fet some great pics on my journey towards the office.

A picture of the Camden Town bridge on my way home from work

However, one thing that I did get to experience during my time here was the establishment of connections between me and my colleagues.  One person in particular was my supervisor Darren. From my very first day he made me feel welcome, made time for me and helped with any of my queries. I feel like I have definitely made tons of friends, but also important contacts. Honestly, one of my favourite parts of my day was finding out about how each of my colleagues got to the position they’re in today, especially hearing how everybody’s story varies in terms of their education footpaths.

Me and my supervisor Darren at the end of our journey