First day of my placement at DE Photo.

Come rain or shine, DE Photo stops at nothing to capture the moments that will last forever. Unlike many other industries, two days are never the same when it comes to event photography and being prepared for every challenge is at the top of the job description. DE Photo is all about expecting the unexpected. Expect unexpected weather, location and of course action.

My placement was not just about gaining experience in content writing for Head Office, or organising Social Media posts, it was about being at the heart of event day organisation and procedure. From the moment the team arrives at the event, it is a matter of efficiency. Setting up the selling station is the start of the day, making sure display boards are presentable and secure. Not only this, but printers and computers need to be set up so printing, editing and selling services are ready, even before there is anything to sell. Whether you are behind the camera, shooting unmissable action and portraits, or behind the desk, DE Photo offers a unique perspective into the operations and effectiveness of the process of set up, creation, organising, editing, printing and selling.

DE Photo van set up.

No matter the time of day, whether it’s working a five hour shift or a thirteen hour shift, customer care, commitment and team work is crucial in all elements of the events photography industry. Whether you are looking through a camera lens at action or looking towards your customers directly, the priorities and views stay the same; deliver and create excellence, develop memorable experiences and show brand expertise through a passion for photographic production.

I felt a sense of confidence working behind the desk, spending my time helping customers and developing the products they desired. But I soon discovered that being behind the camera is a whole different experience. It was exciting to be entrusted with a task that quite frankly if I got wrong, I had not only spoiled someone’s product, but had lost a memory that couldn’t get back. With excitement came pressure and although this was daunting, being able to show that I was capable with new levels of responsibility was refreshing and ignited a passion I once had. Before I began my experience at DE Photo and especially before my University Education, photography was a large part of who I was. When I wasn’t busy studying, I would find myself out with models and exploring new locations, capturing exciting and challenging portraits. Whether it was a Cornwall beach, Dartmoor Tors or woodlands in the heart of Devon, I would feel so comfortable behind the camera, getting every angle I could think of. With such a passion, I thought when I got to University, this would be something I could consider continuing as part of a career.

However, suddenly working with extremely talented professionals, I didn’t feel challenged as I thought I would, I felt Intimidated. It was as if my experience became extremely amateur and lost touch with the passion as my experience didn’t stand a chance against these individuals.

But during my placement, and being given the chance to shoot Football, Archery, Athletics and even a Tug of War Challenge, I soon came to understand that how could I be as good as them, without pursuing this passion? Practice, knowledge and persistence is what makes the DE Photographers so talented and it has shown me that in order to become the best I can be in such a competitive field I need to feel as comfortable behind a camera than if I didn’t have one at all.

A selection of events photographed.

Not only has my placement given me a variety of experience in corporate communication, content writing, social media scheduling and the experience of being a successful DE Photo Photographer, it has shown me greater challenges and responsibility in a fantastic company. Not only do I want to pursue my growth in the company, but it has given me a passion to develop in my spare time that will grow my perspective, whether I am behind a camera or not.