Are you interested in PR? Content Writing? Videography? Oh, you are… great!


Luckily today is the day I have decided to post about my experience with all these and more!

Just keep reading to find out the REAL ins and outs behind a Leeds based marketing agency.

Friday 12thJuly 2019

Dear Blog Diary, 

6AM: Bright and early! Not ridiculously early but definitely not what I like to call a lie in. Yep, these were my wake up calls every morning (warm showers were key to help me scramble out of my toasty sheets). 

7:10AM: Bus for me. As much as I would have loved to have drove in, I was a world away from home and would most definitely of got overwhelmed (not just by the city centre traffic & roads but also the parking tickets!), so the bus was a no brainer for me. 

8:00AM: Ready and waiting at my desk. Coffee and glass of water poured. As my porridge cooled down, I met my supervisors Scott and Chloe (Team Leaders) to look over my day and query any of my worries. Gather round! Its group meeting time. Everyone must detail a highlight of last week and what the upcoming week looks like for them. This is where I realised how integral communication is to agencies. Honestly, the office would be a headless chicken without these core meetings!

9:00AM: PR time! The office was split into different teams which made it a lot easier for me to find everyone when I couldn’t always remember names (as these are fired at you left right and centre!). My timetable was never the same day to day, which at first was hard to attune to but the quick paced environment soon made me forget little inconveniences like these. After a quick brief with PR campaigns manager Amiee & Megan and Senior executives Sophie B & Elouise we were set to GO GO GO. 

Task 1: Social influence list for a client 

Task 2: Journalist list using Gorkana & review website links 

Task 3: Ideation with the team

Task 4: Shadow contracts and join client meetings

12:00PM: LUNCH!! As it was summer, the team always took advantage of a trip to the local park. Seeing that group lunch email always made my day! It was great to step away from the office and get to know my colleagues in the rays!

1:00PM: Back in the nick of time and head first into Content Writing. Here I would discuss multiple tasks with executives Sophie G, Hannah, Vincent & Alex and head of Content Sophie H. 

Task 1: Drafts and prepare upcoming writing schedules 

Task 2: Snip it blurbs for a client’s online website 

Task 3: Article for a client’s blog post

Task 4: Proof and edit someone else’s work 

3:00PM: Videography o’clock. Time to head to the back of the office and delve into the editing suite with graphic design artist Sara and Multimedia manager James. 

Task 1: Create a behind the scenes montage for a client  

Task 2: Create thumbnails 

Task 3: Support filming of ‘Friday Five’

4:30PM: Friday night drink time! Luckily me for me, Stickyeyes has an amazing support network not only for clients but everyone in the teams too! It was fantastic to see a first-hand view of a company who really loved to see their colleagues thrive and achieve. They pushed reward systems highly with a selection of drinks to take every Friday night! What a sweet idea!

5:00PM: Heading straight from the office and into the pub! Social nights were really important to Stickyeyes and luckily for me I choose the month that they conducted their work party! A change and a couple of drinks and we were straight off to dance. 

7:00PM: The work party was a great opportunity for me to not only to stuff my face, guzzle drink and have a boogie but to really get to know my colleagues and others from different offices! This social was amazing in terms of making contacts and I’m really proud and appreciative to have been a part of it.