For my summer placement, I had the opportunity to work as a Communications and Marketing Assistant for Atlantic Speaker Bureau – a talent agency that provides inspiring and experienced keynote speakers for events in the UK and abroad. In this blog post, I am going to be detailing my average day at this company.

Despite my placement being only 6 weeks, when compared to a year long placement, I was lucky enough to be heavily involved with key tasks that would build a good marketing profile for the company. This included me creating the 2020 Brochure for the company, that would be available to the clientele base – which involved large and small corporate and event companies who would be interested in the services of Atlantic Speaker Bureau. Alongside this I was also responsible for creating and maintaining effective communication pathways between Atlantic Speaker Bureau and our corporate and event management audiences, through professional emails and calls.

Process of building and designing the booklet on Indesign

The purpose of calls and emails during my time as a Communications and Marketing Assistant was to contact event and corporate companies, enquiring about their needs in regards to hiring any speakers or facilitators for their events. Similarly, it was important for me to also update the client database to ensure that the communication links between the clients and us was clear and reliable.

With all these responsibilities which I had to undertake while on placement, I was certainly busy from my 10 am starts to 5pm finishes!

During my 7 hours on the job immaculate organisation and planning of what tasks I had to attend to was vitally important. Scheduling was key too – with a set hour of different tasks that shaped my role.

Even something as basic as a diary helped me to stay on top of my tasks and was an important part of time management!

In the first hour of my job I attended to answering any emails that have come through, as well as following up on any reminders that were alerted to me. After this I was given the responsibility to call several corporate and event companies with leads on certain events which could require someone that our agency managed. Within this, I had to find the right person to speak to and take note of their contact details to ensure that our company was able to contact them in the future.

Writing and researching for an article aimed at a specific professional audience was
an interesting and enjoyable experience

With these tasks done, I was able to put work into more creative ventures – such as creating the digital booklet for the company, as well as curating an online article for the Atlantic Speaker Bureau website. These tasks allowed me to break up the more mundane duties of my role, as well as provide me with the skills of digital creativity and research – something that I believe will be very useful in the future.

Above listed tasks made up the main core of tasks that I was provided with during my 6 weeks at Atlantic Speaker Bureau. Additionally, I worked closely with my boss in assisting her with research on prospective companies and clients and how we would contact them and market to them in the future. I also had the opportunity to be taught by a fellow Communications and Marketing Assistant on how to use the email marketing software MailChimp – something that would be integral to know in online marketing.

Over the six weeks I was happy to have made my workspace my own

Overall, my experience as Communications and Marketing Assistant was professionally fulfilling and helped me to build a foundation for future professional development in doing similar tasks and duties in other roles!

Thank you for reading!