Education is the biggest reason why mankind has been able to grow and develop.

Prehistoric education was literally aimed at “survival.” This way, you can catch animals, you can make fire, you can plant crops, etc.

They carried out education for survival.This education really helped the physically weak. It was the most efficient way. Because before that, we had to learn the know-how that humans could survive without having to go through it.

 So people learn about survival one by one.

When the danger to human existence disappears and the goal of mankind is no longer survival,

The goal of education has been changed to ‘success’. People learned how to ‘more’ live well from the knowledge of the ancients.

Although the purpose of education has changed over time, there is one thing in common.In other words, previous education was conducted in a way that future generations learned of the shining achievements of their ancestors. This was possible only with one premise. It is that the pace of education is much faster than the rate at which times change. In the past, learning the achievements of a successful previous generations could have been the most “efficient” way to adapt to the times, as the changes of the times were much slower than a person’s life. 

But now, there is a problem with this paradigm of education itself. The changes in the times have become faster than a person’s life. By not knowing whether what you are learning is necessary or not, what was hailed as a brilliant achievement of the forefather has become a outdated person or idea.

Smart technology was a new civilization for people when smart education first began. Smart civilization represented by iPhones and iPads must have been a surprise to the world. So, the education community, which predicted new changes, wanted to go ahead and challenge innovation in education under the name of smart education.

However, smart education, which was currently planned to use the technology to be used in the future for students, has failed to take charge of one of the pillars of future education, and is dying without much attention. I think the biggest reason why smart education has not been successful early on is that smart technology, which is one of the pillars of smart education, is no longer a remarkable ‘new technology’ before it has grown up enough even though with an educational philosophy.

so fast as I thought

Smart devices are in everyone’s hands, with more people using smartphones than the nation’s population. So now, the word to use smart devices to prepare for the future has lost its persuasion. In the future when these students should success, smart devices are likely to become an “old fashion technology.” 

The time has come for education to become commonplace in the near future. In other words, the run of technology and education will culminate in the victory of technology. Therefore, a new change must be made in order for education to survive.