​The Brookings Institution in the U.S. said AI technology has evolved. 

We have published a report that outlines the impact on education and related issues.​​

​The development of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and emerging technology (ET). 

Change the job structure. 

It is expected to have a significant impact on the education sector

In that report, it is also said th with the development of technology, many of the existing jobs are now available. 

It will be replaced by robots and new jobs will be created.

Only emotional jobs that can only be done by humans, such as artists, poets, and psychologists, will survive only those jobs where ai can’t replace only with the database.

​On the other hand, innovation in technology can help re-educate and get a job. by new means to educators, students, etc 

It could be useful!

​They’re replaced by robots that are losing their jobs. There may be some negative cases, but The positive part is that you can expect it.

In addition, in the field of education, 

The development of AI and other technologies is not only an opportunity. 

It can also serve as a danger. 

The government, schools, etc. have a variety of factors that affect education. 

We need to analyze and preemptively prepare.