Hope you liked my last post. This post will have the same format as my last post.Less talking and more scientific facts because honestly i did not know much about this subject so i had to do some scientific research. Then it will have a different tone unlike my other most kind of talking to my readers posts.

We all do know that virtuality is way more beyond than internet surfing, shopping, researching and so more. Those were the days in which things are considered as simple. In this modernised era; technology develops and evolves as fast as a parasite from  a science fiction movie. We may assume that the lead figures of this dynamic is indeed internet and social media. With the excessive use of this privileges now the naturality of our lifes are merged with virtuality not just for ourselves, but with all around the world. Everyone has the potency to reflect their will upon us by utilizing these dimensions in their respective ways. Now the things which are used to give us hardtimes can be conquered as easily as defeating the enemy team in FIFA by setting the difficulty as amateur. We may wonder ‘’’then whats the big deal, thats some good quality stuff’’. But we must never forget that with this great power, comes great responsability as well since if we don’t know how to control such power; it can sure lead to negative outcomes in terms  many dimensions. In this last part of our blog; we’ll be discussing the negative effects of todays media on us in the borders of mental health and physiological integrity.

     Depression is a state of emotion guided by low mood and characterised by anhedonia and several physiological statutes such as deficiencies in sleep, eating, sexual activity, learned helplessness and many more. Researches done by countless academicians prove a significance bond between social media and depression, sometimes it may be psychopathological. Especially during adolescence and young adulthood, a longitudional study done by Primack, Swanier, Georgiopoulos (2009) proved that participants who are not depressed shown symptoms in line with depression in their follow-ups when TV exposure and total media usage were the independent variables,however there were no significance in videos, gaming and radio. It may be considered as too general but there are more specific ones. Research done by  Andreassen, Pallesen, Griffiths (2017) indicated that being female, low age, being single, lower education, being a student and narcissism are associated with higher scores in social media addiction. It is quite worrying to see such evolution in terms of specificity.When someone who reads this started to consider ‘’Thank God at least there are no medical consequence’’, you’are wrong. Excessive utilization of social media and dependent variables as ADHD and OCD, the outcomes are significant as well as being male is associated with video game addiction on the other hand being female is associated with social media addiction, sadly being single indcated both dysfunctional amounts of gaming and media surfing. Such an immerse game-changer i young age may carve up our personality to its recent status with granting a dark side. Study done by Kırcaburun and Griffiths (2018) lighted out that being male is positively correlated with online gaming/gambling and negatively with online shopping and social media surfing, narcissistic traits are more likely to be correlated with higher social media usage; Machiavellism had a significant relationship with higher gaming, online sex and gambling, and the dimensions of sadism and spitefullness is pretty much characterised with the online gambling and online sex side of the virtual world; it may be said that people with darker side of personality is more vulnerable to have a dysfunctional virtuality utilization. The physiological aspect of this dynamic especially shows itself in sleep quality amongst individuals in terms of a unhealthy deprivation. Study of Woods and Scott (2016) exemplifies that when adolescents are evaluated in terms of their investments to social media in time and emotional dimensions experience inferior sleep quality followed by anxiety, depression and lower self-esteem.

     Another interesting topic to consider here which is in line with todays sexism and sociocultural pressures on females; acquiring the perfect body image, getting the maximal amount of gratitute came to an importance on a histrionic level and sadly when the applied pressure does not meet the reality of individual, it leads to severe characteristic damages. Unfortunately media is fostering the fire of this problem with gas instead of dampen its power. Photoshopping the models which are solely way beyond the dreams of an ordinary individual, when it is combined with the sociocultural expectancies of other individual factions such as peers, family, finding partner and many more variables the consequence reveals its final form. Research of Monro and Huon (2005) depicts that when females are exposed to body-related material; we saw that anxiety of appearation comorbids with idealized image and the very existence of a significance between self-objectification and idealized body in terms of its presence and absence.

     By handling this info in our hand and gave it a look from the higher ground, we can come to the deduction that with the increased ease to have an acces towards the virtual world granted with excessive privilege and speed; the amount of time consumed is respectively incereased which leaded to significant alterations in our software and hardware. According to the survey of Pew Research Center (2013) in Usa since 2005, social media usage increases non-stop. Not suprising, the one’s behind the mask are of course facebook, linkedin, instagram, twitter, pinterest and myspace.There might be an interesting solution to apply to this situation. One can only rise with having a better and transparent insight of themselves.Mindfullness which is an aspect of Buddhism can be specified by the process of an engagement in terms of optimized awareness that must be true and direct in our life moments. If we are considering the old-school Buddhist way, we’re not really aware of our ‘’now’’ therefore it leads to become preccupied with future, not being peace with past. By the research of Shonin, Van Gordon and Griffiths (2014) mindfullness as a spiritual awareness may grant us the vision to make our maladtivities more visible. We can track our time to be sure we’re not overdosed, telephone’s can be our friend that helps to give a call to our ‘’friends in meat and flesh’’. Of course going outside is not always associated with activities with friends, sometimes experiencing the solitude is the best way to fortify the bridges to our inner harmony. A walk, sports, cinema and many goods waits for us in outside. Dwelling in countless accounts in countless social media factions is also not really something functional. We can also utilise a day programme that is used to write our ordinary 1 week that helps to train ourselves.So what are we waiting for? Lets just recalibrate ourselves.