Hey everyone, welcome to my very new post and it will be about social media and how it could be useful for education.

             It is possible to say that many people find social media platforms quite distractive especially if you’re at job or school it could be very distractive. However, that doesn’t mean those platforms could actually be very convenient in terms of improving education via improved digital communication. Since those applications or platforms enhanced chat features a lot such as video chats or classic messages now makes super fast connections between people via the internet.                   Let’s take a look to Skype one of the most common video chat, and it’s actually quite old and how could skype be very useful in terms of education I would like to explain it more depth in terms how digital communication is actually improving our learning abilities. For instance, in terms of Skype, Howard Rheingold, virtual communities and social media teacher at Stanford and UC Berkeley states that he was able to reach out to a classroom full of students and was also be able to share his experiences with them and answering their question without being there physically.

           This example actually supports the idea that improved reaching abilities through social media to others also improving teaching as well as learning in a way. It is not just about being able to education and learning through social media but also, psychologically it helps students to be adapted to university. For instance, universities use social media platforms to create a place where students get acclimated to their courses and faculty through online interaction(Yu et al.,2010).               In relation to digital spaces where people can communicate with each other and engaged with others is also a motivational aspect for young people to learn by digital communication with others through social media. (Mason and Rennie,2007:199).
             Universities digital content could actually be seen as a huge step up in terms of fast accessibility
To assessments or lectures or even to a discussion forum to ask questions to others to get relevant answers. Now an increase of new social media platforms such as Youtube EDU and Academic Earth also helps universities to deliver their online content to students who could seem like a huge convenience in terms of learning since students can access to many contents about their faculties almost everywhere via the internet. Moreover, even online lectures are actually a thing now.
          While some think that social media is good for education in terms of digital communication and motivation through interaction via those platforms, there also research that could be seen as a warning against the abuse of social media. For instance, according to Junco and Cotton(2013) students abuse the use of Facebook by using its other activities that distracts them while doing schoolwork and it has a negative impact on learning since they are distracted.
          Social media could be distractive but could be very educative and encouraging tool in terms of education, then again, to be honest, it really depends on who is using it, if it was me it would be more distractive than educative but maybe its different for you. Thank you all for visiting my blog please check out my other posts as well. Have a nice time see you all for another post.