Do you ever play games, online, offline, mobile or computer games? Does not matter what kind of game you’re playing or what platform you are using, if you describe yourself such gamer then with the evolution of new era games and the developers will try as hard as possible to make you pay some extra money.

           Extra money? Why did I say that? Well unfortunately even if you pay for a game that does not mean you have full access to games features. I assume at this point you already started to think about in-app-purchases or some unlockable characters or items for your favourite game!!! Yeah, I know it could be very frustrating. I mean don’t get me wrong I honestly think gaming is one of the most entertaining things ever and I have been huge gaming since I was a little boy. Ok don’t bother and ask me if you like playing games that much why does it bother you pay some extra cash for them.

           I want to answer this kind of self-asked question for my very precious readers. First of all, I should say the facts I will give is not for EVERY game in the world, but I will try to be as specific as possible with facts I will give to show I’m just not whining about paying some extra cash for the gaming industry. According to Daniel King’s presentation to the Victorian Gambling Foundation Conference back on 15 August 2018.

       There are many facts shown to prove that gamers pay excellent prices to unlock special characters or get advantages in the games they play. For example, the game called star wars battlefront 2 was priced 99$ at the time and players could unlock the special character Darth Vader either by paying 60.000 crystals which you have to grind the game for approximately 40 hours or by paying 250$, I mean seriously Darth Vader himself is more expensive than the game itself, sounds crazy to me, imagine an in-game character ‘s much more expensive than the game offer himself to players. Fans were not happy. Of course, you don’t have to pay, and you can grind the game for 40 hours to just play with your favourite star wars character. If you’re lazy take out your wallet and pay 250 extra instead. Such a bad time to be a gamer and a Darth Vader fan.

             If you think this is crazy, let me tell you something, this is just the beginning, and new gaming industry lead the players to gamble. I assume you noticed this presentation was made for gambling conference. Why? Because the gaming industry leads players to gamble.How?

           How could gaming possibly lead you gambling? Let me show you, people. First of all my examples will be very specific examples because of course not every game does that. For instance, for over a decade FIFA games have a mode called ultimate team where people buy packs and get football player cards to either build a team or sell those players taken out from packs to each other, so basically, the game has its market within itself.

           This doesn’t like gambling maybe yeah but until you pay real money to get those pack faster than the in-game money which makes you play hours and hours to grind it. So why paying real money to get those packs is gambling and why not paying to unlock a character is not. Well first of all you are guaranteed to get that character once you pay for it unlike buying packs since packs don’t guarantee you to get better players such as Cristiano Ronaldo, or Messi who has higher stats compare to other players, and you might even get very useless player cards that you can’t even sell to other players because they won’t want to buy a useless card with lower stats.

          So to sum up, no matter how much you pay, you aren’t guaranteed to get the best player cards in the game which is gambling. If you like to go through the whole presentation visit this link file:///C:/Users/ebasa/Desktop/gaming/gaming%201.pdf

        So what do you think is gaming really gamble? Would you pay more for a character than the game itself? Hope you’re leaving my post with interesting questions and pieces of information in your head. Hope you enjoyed my post please don’t forget to visit my other posts and be ready for new interesting topics I will be discussing on my blog. See you, everyone.