Have you ever been cyberbullied? I have never been but this subject is very interesting and i would like to discuss it for my new blog post. To be more clear i would discuss about cyberbully impact on LBQT yeah i know its the title therefore you can read it anyway. Before you start reading i want to state a thing. This will be more like an essay type post because there is a lot of thing i want to share with you with researchs and facts. You might expecta a different tone unlike my other posts. Enjoy it.


      Before diving into the abyss, let’s start with a metaphor. Our life’s are our own war. However, we as unique warriors that keep fighting for our rights, purposes have varying equipments in our respective arsenals. Which makes things quite interesting. Such as we can rush through in our battles without a drop of anxiety while we sit in our auto-pilot tank with infinite ammo. Whereas some people dont have such privileges. Lets call them ‘’troopers’’. Yeah,thats how things work for some of us. Some plays the game in easy with high reward at the end; but some of us play it in hard mode with moderate levels of reward. You may be wondering ‘’what is the correlation between a war with hardtimes and lgbtq communion?’’. Well congratulations because you just found out the answer. In todays modernised world where everthing is as far as a mouse click while we sit in front of shiny screens lgbtq communion is one of the biggest hunt for people with cyberbullying experience. In this blog, we ‘ll analyse the effects of social media pressure on lgbtq communion and supporting our claims with the necessary literature review.

According to the research done by GLSEN (2013) ; results prove that lgbtq community has a significant level of bullying %41 of participants received both online/in person bullying, %18 in person, whereas %9 report bullying online. When the level of bullying on various levels such as in person, phone call, text message, online, other types of harassments are compared with non-lgbtq youth, it is visible that lgbtq community is significantly more likely to be the target of bullying. When the outcomes are concluded on several variables; it is found out that lgbtq participants who are more bullied online are likely to be associated with lower GPA, self-esteem and depression.

Sadly; homophobia is a phenomena that turns hatred into a piece of cake. Homophobia does not solely occurs on schools or in online. It is not a childs game. Even elderly people can take a part in it. We all know that the well known chips company ‘’Doritos’’ has launched a specific rainbow colored chips in order to raise awareness. As usual, homophobia took the scene and this time, it was doritos who were condemned to walk the plank. Countless twits and facebook reviews burst out with anger, grudge, wrath aimed towards them.

Figure 1. An example of feedbacks towards Rainbow Doritos.Adapted from Queer Voices, from HUFFPOST by Nichols, J. M. (2015, September 9). When Bigots Freaked Out About Rainbow Doritos, This Man Had A Brilliant Response. Retrieved January 12, 2019, from https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/rainbow-doritos-freak-out_us_56016a5ae4b00310edf88b7


Further researches done by COGAM(2016); results indicate that there exists more than the half of students who claim that they have been witnessed anti-lgbt cyberbullying due to external perceptions that are being associated with ‘’being’’ or ‘’looking’’ like a LGBT member, to continue with this consequence a significant portion of %24 also claims that they know someone who had became a victim of this situation. Statistics also shown that LGBT community are more likely to spot cyberbullying to themselves than heterosexual community which supports the evidence that bullying is a fact that these so called 2 factions seem to agree with in terms of its very existence. When the ratios are compared with the differently oriented members within the LGBTQ community gay people are more likely to be victimized than bisexuals and lesbians. The are lighted out that on an overall basis LGBT members are more likely to be cyberbullied that heterosexual groups with a significant ratio of %51 to %45. Frequency of cyberbullying indicate that bullying is more likely to last for months equal to days when it is compared to weeks and years which points out that overall time interval  is mainly around 2-12 months. When it comes to the methods of cyberbullying insulting messages took the lead and followed respectively by humiliation by visuals, impersonations, videos, unknown and situations are occuring most in social networks followed by messaging apps, blogs, video websites, telephone and unknown.

So far, we understood that lgbtq members are the main trophy in internet bullying. However we must not forget that everyone can be victimized by this process. Hinduja (2010) states that ‘’ Youth who experienced traditional bullying or cyberbullying, as either an offender or a victim, had more suicidal thoughts and were more likely to attempt suicide than those who had not experienced such forms of peer aggression. Also, victimization was more strongly related to suicidal thoughts and behaviors than offending. The findings provide further evidence that adolescent peer aggression must be taken seriously both at school and at home, and suggest that a suicide prevention and intervention component is essential within comprehensive bullying response programs implemented in schools.’’

According to the research done by Dehue & Bolman (2008); what makes cyberbullying effectve and hard to solve is the fact that it occurs as an anonymous activity primarily done within one’s home and people are more likely to react it by ignoring it or counterbullying the bully and sadly parents are underestimating the traumatizing force of their children on another children.

So far we have analysed the inner dynamics of bullying over lgbtq communion and its consequences on environmental basis. AAP (2011) offered several solutions on a social perspective in order to raise awareness for igniting the hope to reduce cyberbullying implications over victims of it: it is vital that pediatrics should encourage parents to educate their children about this topic and become more adapted to the ways of technology an deven utilizing the online supervising techniques, promoting healthy behaviours.

Altogether we heva gone through the physical manifestations of internet as a negative source of influnce over humanity. It is unhealthy to differentiate as lgbtq and others since one day, it may happen to us. Since there are no significant deterrents in legal dimensions, this problem devours anyone in its path like a whale. Thats why till the break of dawn, at least we as global civils who are aware of the beauty harmony and unity; we can at least report such people to make a difference.In each second as thinking that it wouldn’t change anything, there might be another victim. Only if we could stand against cyberbullying as an equal or preferably a superior force, we can witness significance.