Hey people hope you’re all doing fine and welcome to my new post about AI which stands for artificial intelligence. Don’t worry cause I won’t be talking about the old sci-fi movies where the AI actually becomes a threat for humankind. However could really that be possible in the future where AI actually is a potential threat for humans and future societies.

          Apparently it seems dangerous for Elon musk the chief executive of Tesla and founder of the space x, you probably know him anyway, and while I was listening to his ted talk there was one thing he said that I found absorbing. Elon Musk actually used sentences to point that AI is actually a severe threat to humans such as”artificial intelligence is mankind’s biggest threat” he said during his talk at MIT, yeah sounds like he really against those advanced artificial intelligence and I was saying one thing he said during his speech that could humans actually accept that there is a smarter thing around them.

               There are many examples could be given once AI gets improved could it beat humans in many ways? Actually sounds kind of scary to knowing that humans could replace machines. For many the repetitive tasks could be done quickly and faster by AIs which could be considered as a good thing, for example I wouldn’t mind to have some AI assistant that could do daily easy tasks for me, sounds fine to me but what would happen actually if AI gets much much better than human capabilities to do advanced jobs given to them. Would that make you lose your job and would have been very frustrating to be replaced by a robot or a machine? Heres also a link for you. If you like to listen what Elon musk thinks about in more dept hhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-Osn1gMNtw  .

                    I don’t want to look like I’m biased regarding digital communications I could say that ai could harm the discussion in society. For example, during his ted talk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUApSRMWxqo Harri Valpola the CEO of Curious AI, tells a story that while he was waiting for train the train gets delay and he looks around the people, some of them were checking their mobile phones he says probably because they were , and there were other people get to employee at the platform and asked questions and the ones who got communicated with a real person seemed satisfied he says and adds that sometimes its good to talk to humans for your problems because some services nowadays are only accessible by mobile or online.

           Following his talk I think that too technology use for almost every problem we face potentially decrease the communication we have with outside, in other words with increasing digital communication I think we lack connections with real persons.
          To sum up, first of all I’m not against AI, I would like to state that at least to some extent it could be beneficial to handle your everyday repetitive tasks but the day those artificial intelligence reached a level that surpass our knowledge and capacity that seem like but it could be harmful in some ways such as lack of communication and makes more lazy for even doing simple things I think it is a very open discussion if AI is a danger or a very crucial element to our future. Thank you for reading my post and don’t forget to check out my other posts.