About Lonely Planet:

Lonely planet was founded by a couple who travelled through Asia in 1972, promopting them to publish their first guidebook called ‘Across Asia on the Cheap’. Time went on and the company ‘Lonely Planet’ gradually worked it’s way up to be the worlds largest travel guide publisher. They finally launched their guides app in 2016 (which is what I’ll be showing you in this video).


About the App: 

This app is available FREE on any smartphone. The app offers so many useful features, it’s almost a combination of all the apps I’ve told you guys about in my previous blog posts: Accommodation, Navigation, Food and Transport. It’s pretty much the ultimate app. You can download city guides separately, so you don’t end up with tonnes of information on a place that you’re not going to.

The Impact on Travellers: 

This app has helped thousands of travellers since it launched in 2016. Now you don’t have to drag around 48 seperate books for the 48 countries in Asia, weighing down your suitcase or backpack. Wouldn’t YOU feel more at ease knowing you have all the information you need about all the countries in Asia all packed into your smartphone (which now-a-days, is surgically attached to peoples hands)? Apps have made travelling so much easier for people! Firstly, having an app that can compare cheap flights in a matter of seconds makes travelling more realistic for people. Secondly, booking accommodation by a few taps on your smartphone screen makes the experience a lot easier. As a result, this easy access will encourage people to take that leap and step into the world to explore.

“Travel app usage continues to grow with 137m hits each month.” – Lonely Planet


Video Outline:

So here is a walk-through video of my favourite app that I used near enough everyday whilst travelling through Asia! It informs you on all the cool features that the app offers and will help you get the overall jist of the app. The video shows you the kinds of places that this app recommended to me personally. I have downloaded 1 city from 5 different countries in Asia: Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Bali (all popular backpacking destinations). So I will be talking you through each of these places with some videos/pictures, making it more exciting! Enjoy!




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