Ultimately, optimizing comes down to how well you can leverage digital technologies. In this blog post we will be exploring how travel agents can use affiliated and influential marketing to succeed. 


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the process of earning commission off the promotion of company’s products and services. Affiliate Marketing works in the following way:


  • An affiliate builds and markets a website containing product reviews for an advertiser.
  • In the hope that a customer will visit the site and eventually make the purchase. The customer clicks on an affiliate link which takes the customer to a landing page on the advertiser’s website.
  • The link provided by the advertiser contains a personalised cookie. This cookie is offloaded into the buyer’s browser. It tracks the buyer’s journey from clicking the link to entering the advertiser’s website.


Impulse Buying


Not all buyers are inclined to purchase on their first visit to the website. This could be due to a lack of disposable income with excess bills. This is where the cookie tracker comes in. Cookie trackers provided by the affiliate program can last for up to 30 days. This allows the interested party to purchase another time. If the cookie is still active in the browser the affiliate can still earn a commission.


Optimizing for Success: Travel Agents and Affiliate Marketing


According to KHM, online travel agencies creating referral programs can be an effective way to market their business. Providing OTAs give their customers memorable and valuable experiences.  Asking clients to refer a friend to the travel agent’s services.


Travel Karma states that “whether you are a budding travel agent or have an established agency, the most basic requisite for your business is a competitive inventory of flights, hotels, rental cars, cruise and vacation packages that you can sell to your customers. Joining affiliate programs of reputed travel companies not only helps you provide your customers with a wide range of inventory but also helps you earn money at a very low cost to your business”. 

Influential Marketing


This marketing strategy is used by businesses seeking promotional posts from a social media influencer. Digitalization has contributed to the emergence of social media networks. According to Statista, it is estimated that over 2.77 billion people will be on social networks.

The power of social media is domineering to us all. Habitually apart of our daily routines. It has created virtual communities where citizens are dying to stay connected. Users are able to have behind the door access to the narratives of their favourite icons and influencers.

Social Media influencers can increase the profits of business by asking their followers and fans to invest in an advertiser’s products or services. But there are various obstacles in along the way to utilizing this strategy

Curati articulates that “influencer marketing can help you achieve most marketing objectives: generate leads, change perceptions, drive awareness. But it’s not as simple as getting people to be your megaphones. That won’t work.

It’s about finding opportunities to build relationships with people who touch your potential customers in some way. These are the people who will help you achieve more, with less. If you earn their trust, you will be invited into those new audiences you crave”. 

A large following is not everything. Your desire target audience must resonate with the message of your company, its goals and what you are trying to achieve for them.

Influential Marketing and OTAs


Influential Marketing has had a profound impact on the travel sector. A recent survey by Schofields states “millennial travellers aged 18-33 indicates their choice of holiday destination is being driven by how ‘Instagrammable’ it is. With over 40% of respondents valued how their holiday will appear to their friends and families as the most important factor”. . This goes to shows how influential social media platforms are in shaping travel destinations.

In the final installment of the blog series, you will learn about how and which social media channels can generate your business increased revenue.