Vlog is a combination word of video and blog. Vlog refers to content that captures one’s daily life in a video unlike in the past, which was recorded in a text or photo. Nowadays, Z Generation is crazy about V-logging. Generation Z, called digital native, was born in the mid-1990s to mid-2000s, and refers to consumers who are more familiar with images than text-based platforms. Especially, as the influence of Z-generation, video-oriented platforms are growing rapidly, and more companies are actively utilizing them for marketing. There’s a growing number of marketing using social media, and there’s a huge amount of advertising through YouTube as well. Z-generation users are very high compared to different age groups across most mobile apps. According to a survey conducted by mobile analysis company App Ani in 2018, Z-generation users spend more than 20 percent of their time using mobile apps, and their most used applications were found to be more than 30% more active than other age groups. YouTube, a social media platform for video sharing and streaming, allows users to upload and share various videos. It is already a very familiar platform for people, and there are already many creators who have been making money from YouTube since a few years ago. There are various genres, such as makeup, fashion, funny videos, cooking, travel, and games. Among them, Recently, more popular video clips of ‘Vlog’ produced by college students and office workers are gaining huge popularity, with the subscribers of the popular V-log channel reaching from thousands to hundreds of thousands. V-log videos, which have no specific narrative structure or purpose, are very popular. One of experts said, “The generation of people who are more familiar with mobile environments than any other generation is more interested in travel, hobbies, and food than material affluence, and enjoy sharing and showing off these things on social media,” and “Instead of boredom of focusing for a long time, they quickly absorb short, fragmented content.” she said. According to Incross, a digital ad company, mobile users spent more than twice as much time on YouTube as of last October. Keywords searched on YouTube also had a lot to do with daily life. The most searched word was ‘Cover Music.’ It was followed by keywords such as “how to”, “OOTD” and “eating show.” Cover videos represent content that has been implemented in its own way, and how to do it, which is a trend that search on search engines like Google is shifting to YouTube. OOTD is a content that introduces ‘Outfit Of The Day that I wore today. An eating show(Mukbang) is a video that literally shows people eating, satisfying their vicarious satisfaction. Incross analysed that popular video contents have characteristics of short amount, subtitling, and longitudinal video within 10 minutes. Snack videos, which can be enjoyed lightly through mobile devices such as short dramas and movies, seem to be gaining popularity among young people.

As demand for V-log production is increasing, related industries are also releasing products that are specialized in video production. Camera is the most essential item for video production. while major brands such as Sony and Canon have provided high-definition video, they also released products that are easy to carry and light to carry. Sony has released a camera smaller than the palm of its hand, and Canon is the first to support 4K video shooting. Many easy editing tools have also been developed for people who are new to video editing with V-log production. In particular, editing applications are representative. In fact, some of the most popular Vloggers with hundreds of thousands of subscribers do not use the usual editing programs, such as Final Cut, Adobe Premier, and After Effect, but also use the smartphone app to complete editing the video.

The number of people in their 20s or 30s and even teenagers who start YouTube is increasing. This is because The simplicity of being content their daily life with no effort required to making and also not require any difficult extensive editing techniques for making a new contents. The entry barrier to V-logging is very low considering that most of the people who dreamed of YouTuber could not take on the challenge due to the burden of planning and editing content. The real jobs of YouTuber are also diverse. Because they can do V-log without having the ability to eat dozens of hamburgers at once or make up skills like professional makeup artist. Creators who operate channels with professional content usually have their own business, but Vlogger, who makes daily content, has a job other than YouTube. Therefore, there are people from various occupations such as office workers, students, housewives, businessmen and freelancers.  

Why are young people crazy about V-logging? Just as there is a saying that humans are the most curious animal, curiosity about others about how others live seems to be the most popular factor of Vlog.  

I asked June, who is planning to open a daily YouTube channel soon, why she wants to create a V-log. “The biggest attraction of daily life video is that it can leave my memories alive in a frame.” she said. She said she felt it was not easy to capture everything in her writing and photos, even though she has continued to record her daily life through blogs and personal Social media. Also, she said, “Records also mean sharing with someone, but they’re meant to leave my mark.” And “I don’t think there’s any way we can record our memories as vividly as the video did,” he said.