While digitalization may, in some ways, be to blame for the increasing speed of our daily lives, it’s also got a few redemptive qualities. The other day I was wondering how far technology has come and how quick our lives have transformed around new digital qualities. This made me question how far we will see the digital fitness industry go. Then, whilst reading up on the fitness industry I came across an article from Thefitnessnetwork suggesting that digitalization of the fitness industry could take over the gym craze.

In 2017, over $3 billion USD was invested in the virtual reality (VR) market, speaking to the general belief that this market is headed towards the masses. VR gaming is such a high-octane fat burning, muscle flexing exercise that fit gamers like Dusty Fohs lost 20 pounds and Oldboy67 shed 12 pounds in as little as 2 months! Considering that VR is already considered a new digital quality and already broke through to the fitness industry with interactive games such as Box VR and Sprint Vector I predict that we will go beyond the augmented reality series and may start to see the digital aspects of the fitness industry take over the authority of gyms. If the implementation of gaming is providing the opportunity to lose weight, wherein turn gamers can promote these devices to their large fan bases, we could start to see an increase of people making this their primary source of keeping fit. The notion of having fun whilst you burn calories emphasizes the industry’s endless abilities to apply digitalization which positively impacts the fitness industry.

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Over 1/3 of German adults are members of a gym, while the European market for gym memberships grew at almost 5% between 2016 and 2017. Nonetheless, juggling our professional aspirations, the pesky need for sleep, our obligation to personal growth, relationships and our desire to be physically fit can accumulate quite a busy fixture. For example, as mentioned on a previous blog, YouTube and other platforms have placed home-friendly workouts at the tips of our fingers. Unlimited variations of fitness classes can be streamed directly into our living rooms, most of which require no special equipment.

Pop Sugar Fitness and Fitness Blender, for example, offer free classes and instructive videos on YouTube. I think we can only presume that it isn’t long before mainstream fitness streaming service stretches the media as other mediums streaming revenue has significantly increased in recent years, we have seen the popularization of streaming services such as Netflix and Spotify as 38% of the record industry revenue was generated by streaming last year. Personally, I think the streaming services would hugely benefit the fitness industry and as there is a gap in the market for such a place, I think it would be a great investment. Sure, there might already be a few niche fitness streams, but I predict by the end of this year there will be a set recognisable streaming fitness channel!

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The need to get fit and healthy is omnipresent and the advancement in technology is always at a high demand. We have already seen the introduction of virtual digital fitness gym sessions online through websites such as Wexter, but the sessions are all pre-recorded and therefore disengaging. But it won’t be long before we witness a fully interactive online gym. I don’t think the notion of digitalization overpassing the gym is quite correct, I feel as if the digital gym is becoming the new channel.

Exercise is only half of it. Our fitness levels are largely determined by the food and drink we choose every day. In line with most digitalization trends, specialized bloggers who have come to be influencers regarding healthful lifestyles will increasingly determine the daily habits of motivated populations. I think the rise of health bloggers and health nutrition’s are set to set the stage for 2019. With the digitalization of fitness comes increased connectivity, allowing ideas surrounding the best nutritional methods to be accessed and shared with ease.

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I think it is easy to prove, with enough data, that digitalization could be taking over the gym craze. However, all we can do is sit back at watch what will happen in the future.