Welcome to my brand new blog!

Welcome to my blogging site. If you can’t already tell the major theme of my blog will be based around the impact of Social Media on the digital world.

From writing my blog there will be many of my own opinions; statistical figures and some mind-boggling information you would have never or even heard about.

To start of I will tell you all about the history of social media and where it all started from…

History of Social Media and where it all started from!

Today everyone knows or has all heard of the term social media.  Even in places where you wouldn’t expect the person to know what social media is.  Social media is used by almost over 39 million users in the UK alone.  Over a decade ago people didn’t even have access to using social media and had to live without it.


The first big social media site was called Six Degrees where this social media site was created in 1997. This social media site allowed people to search for other users which is similar to what Facebook is.  This first major social media site being created in 1997  introduced the start of blogging and instant messaging.


This is the most important era for the whole of the world.  Roughly about more than 100 million people had access to the internet. This allowed people to start getting more engaged socially. The social media hype was only starting to begin but the huge storm was going to soon hit.  This would have a huge impact on the world.


This was the era of the social media surge where MySpace was introduced. This soon would create a link to the creation of Facebook.


Facebook and Twitter are finally introduced into the world where the famous creator called Mark Zuckerberg has created Facebook in 2004. Facebook was first launched just for Harvard students however Zuckerberg saw that Facebook had more potential than just being launched for Harvard students and he wasn’t wrong at all.


Another social media platform released to the world where we see Twitter be released to the world allowing users to write a 150 character post where Twitter has now over 500 million users.

Social Media Today:

Today there are over thousands of different social media platforms that are around today which are all serving the same purpose but for a different reason. Social media platforms are being widely used by businesses to promote themselves as well as providing various services to their users.


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