It’s obvious to see that the music is evolving into something that years ago people didn’t think was possible. The question is, how has this happened? There are different factors to consider when thinking about this. As time changes so does music. In fact more importantly, so does technology. Technology is and always will evolve because people are discovering things everyday and therefore, there will be new ways for people to share their music that they enjoy either listening to or producing. The first thing to talk about would have to be how artists are finding different ways to expose their music. A lot of the bigger artists and bands have their music available on different platforms now, which is helping to grow as a musician and gain a larger following. For example; YouTube, Spotify and SoundCloud are all platforms that artists use to release new music to followers. However, before these sights were available, the Radio, vinyl, cassettes, CD’s and then MTV were only ways to listen to music. As shown by the BBC who produced a timeline of how technology in music has progressed. What you can already see is that music had evolved and there were new ways to access music. Therefore as time has gone on, we entered a digital age where we can just search for the music we love and download if we choose to.

Another past issue with music in the past was that it wasn’t really a viable option for artists to take it as a full time job unless they were superstars making big money because in reality unless they weren’t huge, there was no way to make enough money to live off. It’s insane to think about all of the talented musicians whose music was never discovered because of the money side of things. However, as time has passed, it has been easier for artists who don’t have a record deal to expose themselves to larger audiences without wasting a lot of money and not making a loss in the process. Technology has progressed enough for smaller artists and bands to record high quality music without inexpensive equipment. Ian Clarkson, stated in an interview with The Telegraph, “that being able to create quality recordings and video with inexpensive equipment has leveled the playing field for musicians by removing the industry’s gatekeepers”. Therefore allowing musicians to lower the cost of producing music and using high tech equipment to grow as an artist. The digital age in the music industry has allowed both artists and consumers to decide what music they want without record labels dominating what is played because it makes them money.

Music is now allowing musicians to do more with their music with less. Before technology improved, every single member of a band was needed at a recording studio to make the music, however now there is digital work stations and loop machines which is allowing the main member of a band to record a song when their band mates are unavailable which really does show how music is evolving. It is now possible to have a one man band quite literally and this means that recording is less time consuming and artists don’t have to work around schedules because only one member needs to be present at the time. According to The Sound Junky, “it allows bands to move quicker in their careers; less band members to manage equals more convenience plus more money for each member”. This gives an insight into how musicians are using technology changing and growing to help produce music quicker and therefore gives them a better outlook financially as they make more music and make more money.

Here is an example of an infinite loop machine which is being used by artists trying to establish themselves in the music industry to improve their music quality. Image by Wikimedia Commons

A lot of the technology that is helping musicians grow isn’t always best though. There are new technologies that could mean live music is being taken over. According to Tech Trends,  new technologies are now allowing artists to “perform a concert in virtual reality”, so no matter where people are in the world, they get to see their favourite music “live”. This is a good way to enable artists to grow in different countries and allow people all over the world to access their live music without having to travel half way around the world to watch a live performance. However, in my opinion, i believe that this will only lead to bad things for the music industry. Sure there are benefits, however, i personally believe that virtual reality in music will take away the enjoyment of seeing music in the flesh. There is something really enjoyable about travelling to see my favourite artist live and waiting in an arena. This will take away a lot of the enjoyment because fans will be sat down in their bedrooms or wherever with their laptops or computers hooked up to a virtual reality headset which will probably cost a lot of money and won’t get the same experience. Maybe i am wrong, and i really hope i am however i feel like some technologies are going to far and there needs to be a perfect system before it is properly implemented into live music