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The News is huge. Its one of the worlds most popular companies standing as the 3rd largest global entertainment group in the world. The news cover a wide variety of content however in recent years, shootings have come into the spotlight. 2018 has been the worst year for deaths and causalities caused by shootings with a total of 163. The American Psychological Association in 2013 found that  mental health treatment and screenings can help prevent gun violence for many individuals who have suicidal thoughts or feelings of depression. So a link has been found between gun violence and mental illness, but which mental illness is shown to be most prevalent?


 This is where the News steps in!


News Shooting Reports in the Mental Health World

In recent news reports, gun violence in shown to be conducted by those with disturbed mental health. The news typically presents the perpetrator of that of psychopathic nature, commonly stereotyping violent traits. By doing this the news is creating a stigma against mental illness, often characterising those as schizophrenic or ‘psychopaths’. THIS IS A MAJOR DOWNFALL IN TERMS OF MENTAL HEALTH VIEWS. The news as a global media platform, one channel ‘FOX’ reaching 1.9 million views per broadcast, should take a responsibility in the way they present mental health. Would you think differently if the news said it? We’re always told that were meant to listen to the news, right? Well Ball-Rokeach and Defleur came up with a theory why this is. They stated that audiences have submission to media systems, meaning anything the news says we do (so to say). So if this is true, the news should share their content as accurately as possible, keeping in mind of stigmatisations and generalising. Overall, when it comes to topics like mental health, the news should really watch their mouth when it comes to such a serious topic.


Mental Health: Is the News Damaging or Helping?

The news is a powerful platform that provides information in an unbiased manor. However, the news has its tendency to present events and too commonly refer to mental health. Mental health has been stigmatised over multiple media platform including TV, film and even social media. Recently the news has jumped on the band wagon. Not singly by how they represent events but in fact the continuous reporting of shootings where by mental illness is mentioned throughout. This not only carries negative perspectives  on those suffering with their mental health but also to those who know little on the topic. Those not of understanding around mental health will be heavily influenced by associations they see in the media and so in some way, the news is potentially damaging the mental health front.


But it can’t be all bad?

The news has, along with other media platforms, also sparked talk about mental health. The News has an overarching level of respect compared to other platforms such as social media. This is due to the News acting as a company rather than individualistic and fictional content. Its the real world and is producing content on real world FACTS, not fake news. The news has in fact involved political debates whereby intellectual conversations surrounding the mental health is evoked and discussed.


Watch here to see what I’m talking about!

Video source: foxnews/com


So if the News is popularising mental health into big governing polices, going as far to change the laws around gun violence and changing funding towards both causes, surely the News is “doing bits” for the mental health community. What are you thoughts?


The Nitty & Gritty: Should Mental Health Not Be Mentioned Again?

All in all, the news is mixed bag when it comes to mental health. Its doing bits and its really not doing bits at the same time. We should take in the good and the bad. Mentioning mental health has its downfalls especially in the eye of the media. Mental health in the media screams STIGMATISATION! The news goes from being an unbiased source of information into a completely biased source of mental health stereotyping, psychopathic traits commonly misrepresented and generalised to mental health as a whole. THIS IS SIMPLY WRONG. On the other hand the news is bringing mental health into the well needed spotlight it needs. News coverage is the best type as for its high professionalism in the media industry. If the government respect it then surely its great in order to get the word to everyone else, right? I believe the news can spark some major debate in the future, its developing and learning from its mistakes just as any other platform. I think its impact will soon make a big change for metal health and so, should be spoken about more in the reports.


Enough about me, what do you think? Good or bad? Remember to think about what the future holds, so what do you think the news will do for mental health in the years to come?


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