Hi guys!

So this week’s blog is my attempt at a fitness vlog – showing you my leg day!

Make sure to watch until the end…..

The Video Idea

The idea behind this video was the fact that so many people follow fitness influencers on social media and follow their workouts and exercises… Yet so many people are not performing these exercises correctly!

It is so common now for people to see these workout routines online and then go into a gym and try to reenact the exercise, but without knowing the correct technique and in the long run, potentially injuring themselves. I personally see it so much in gyms where boys and girls are performing the exercises wrong.

This issue poses the question whether Personal Training is actually a dying career….

If more and more people are choosing to look on Instagram and Youtube for workout advice and fitness tips, then why bother paying for a personal trainer?

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Although social media sites are useful and can be helpful when it comes to the fitness industry, it is so important for personal trainers to be a part of it in order to provide accurate advice and knowledge.

My Advice

By all means follow workouts by these influencers, however it is so important that you ask for help in the gym when you are unsure with a particular exercise or movement or how your body should be positioned. It will massively help your training and your now well-being!

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