Mobile phones are ubiquitous in today’s society.  Smartphones, being a very new invention of humanity, became an inherent part of human’s life. The smartphone combines different sophisticated features allowing us access to millions of applications on various app stores.

The introduction of fitness applications really puts the digital advance this industry has come across. Before we were faced with non-motorized treadmills, elliptical machines, or exercise bikes. But today we can inherit a personal trainer from our phone. These apps are a great example to emphasize the valuable digital impact on the fitness industry. It highlights the transition the fitness industry has trialled and undermines all the detrimental effects digitalization has produced.

We have a sense of dependence syndrome on our smart devices as the average person in the UK spends more than a day a week online, according to a landmark report on the impact of the “decade of the smartphone”. As 95.6% of all Uk adults own a phone, the average amount of time spent on a phone won’t surprise you: (adults aged 18 to 24) – 34.3 hours a week on the internet. This means the average adult is exploited to numerous fitness applications from various companies that vary in content.

Combining the popularity of mobile devices with the on-going search for fitness, thousands of fitness applications (apps) are available for free or low cost. The thousands of fitness-related smartphone applications are available for free and purchase, but there is uncertainty if these apps help individuals achieve and maintain personal fitness.  The apps on iOS and Android – as with any other kind of app – which makes finding the best fitness app for your personal needs and goals a hassle. Don’t worry though, you can save your energy for those intense workouts you’re already planning because ahead is a list I created of the best fitness apps you can install right now.

Of course, this list is primarily my opinion with the judgement of the apps rating online and the app stores. Nevertheless, here is my list, My top 3 fitness applications:

   1.  Nike+ Run Club

store rating: 4.7/5

The app allows extreme personalisation towards your personal needs whilst producing a plethora of home workout routines varying on each type of fitness category you wish to work on. It’s a great method for keeping your monthly runs recorded whilst having the ability to share amongst all of your peers.

That app is aesthetically pleasing and others a number of stylish features. I personally use this app and have for the past few years and it never seems to let me down.

A bonus exists if you use the Nike+ Run Club app, as all your jogging efforts will be automatically synchronised to your Nike profile too, giving a complete picture of your fitness.

2. Map My Fitness Workout Trainer

App store rating: 4.4

This is another app I use very regularly and is somewhat similar to the first. This app allows you to measure your workout performance and compare your results with thousands in the community.

The thing I like about this app the most is the ability to map your workouts. So, the application integrates GPS to allow you to mark all of your workouts from around the world on the map. With its integrated schedule planner, you are insured to never miss a workout.

3. Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

App store rating: 4.6/5

This application poses a slightly different output to the rest as calorie counter is dedicated to calculating the number of calories your intake per day. With this data, the app can make suggestions to enhance your weight loss, weight gain, and weight maintenance goals.

Again, this app allows you to personalise to cater for your specific needs and helps set achievable goals. Its ‘almost like have a nutrition coach right inside your pocket.’.

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