A few tweets ago on the Worldly Wanders twitter account, I read a blog that made me really think about the concept of FOMO (fear of missing out), that you should have complete control over what you want to do and what you don’t.

Where Did FOMO Come From?

Although sharing holiday snaps and checking into some envy provoking locations is all fun, we should focus our happiness on personal goals. This concept of FOMO surprisingly didn’t stem from digital communication, but rather a Harvard MBA named Patrick.J McGinnis. What was once a term used in the marketing industry is now a common phrase scattered across all social media places and has caused many problems in the travel sphere.

FOMO Effects

It could be argued digital communication has caused us to go to places we don’t really want to visit just because of expectations, we become bitter in seeing others having ‘fun’ and we try and create FOMO for others (Read more). A cycle of envy creates low self-esteem and creates this pressure to spend more money. We all want to travel. But are you annoyed at the idea you need to spend a lot of money to do it? Not to fret, Worldly Wanders is here to help you out. Drop the FOMO and start making your own plans, using our first infographic on “Tech Tips For Travelling On a Budget”.

infographic of how to Travel on a budget



The inspiration for this piece came from the abundance of statistics I stumbled upon. These really enlightened how much travellers rely on digital communication in this day and age:

Digital communication has created many benefits, as well as problems. Thanks to social media, and blogging I am able to give you some handy hints in budgeting. Not only can I create content for you, but there are endless amounts of websites, bloggers and apps that can offer amazing prices, deals and experiences, making travelling never easier. Utilise digital forms in finding affordable deals, inspiration and keeping in touch with loved ones.


As an ending note, always travel for yourself, enjoy new experiences that aren’t expected of you and never be afraid to use digital communication to help get you there. Although FOMO is everywhere we look, focus on your own travel ambitions. Use social media to share the joy, not make others feel like their missing out. It should be concluded that digital communication is both a friend and an enemy. Use with caution in your efforts to bring your travel dreams to life.

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