Today, it is hard to escape technology. It is all around us and needed for everyday activities. However, digital technology evolved. As a result, the way that it is use and viewed has change too. This is particular evident in different age groups. Stereotypically young adults thrive on digital technology every day. Whereas, the older generations are less dependent upon it. Nevertheless, it is still interesting to see how much people use digital technology in their day to day live.

Educating the young.

The education system is also becoming more and more reliant on digital technology. Young people are being taught about these new gadgets. They are being encourage to become comfortable with them and guided on how to uses the accurately. Yet, its is not just in the classroom.


The amount of digital devises people own is increasing. In 2005, the Guardian stated that the

“average British household owns 7.4 internet devices”.

Yet some people, like myself, only own 2 or 3 digital devises. The same year, the Telegraph stated that teenagers spend an average of 27 hours a week on the internet.

Its all relative…

These statistics above may seem daunting. But, it digital technology can be good, depending on how it is used. Some modern gadgets can be very useful in day to day lives. However, others can be harmful.


The infographic below demonstrates how much i use digital technology on an average day.

A timeline of a university student and their use of digital technology throughout a signal day

created on Canva by the Editor of this blog (no attribution required)

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