Our minds can be manic sometimes. Having your mind whirring with thoughts causing sleep deprivation. Or, feelings of anxiety and worry can be preventing you from living life to the fullest.  Feeling stifled from just jumping into life head-first, and realising you can fly. (In(ternet)dependence).

Granted, some of what awaits us on digital platforms can cause anxiety and worry. I have found social media to induce some pressures that can spark anxiety, for example. I think many of us can relate to that one. (Have a read of Anti-social Socialising)

However, these are always unusual feelings for me, and have arisen relatively recently (possibly since the stress of student life!) It is also a personality trait of mine to want to fix anything I identify to need fixing; the moment something feels out of sync with my mental state, I search for causes and remedies.

Therefore, in my searching of some calming remedies for my mind, I found these apps! They have helped me no end; with nights of anxiously watching the hours tick by feeling as though I may not ever fall asleep, or with days of feeling fuzzy, anxious, worried or overwhelmed.