Thanks to social media it appears a new music festival pops up every few months, I know I can’t be the only one who only discovered HIDEOUT festival this year thanks to Instagram! With reference to my first post we are constantly searching for new experiences that we can post online and thanks to instagram promotion we can find a new festival to visit every year!

Hideout Festival is based in Croatia

Digital presence 

For a music festival in 2019 it is vital to promote yourself online and have a good social media presence or the event will flop! According to Digitell, 30% of fans who watched an event live-streamed then attended that event in real life the following year. In my personal experience all the festivals I attended in 2018 were because I had seen people had been to them on Instagram and Facebook which made me want to experience them for myself!

Festivals need to have a good social media presence


I also ran a poll on my twitter asking if social media affects the choice of festival people choose to go too:

All is not as it seems

Apparently all is not what it seems online. A new festival named ‘Fyre Festival’ was set to debut in the summer of 2017. The promotion posts on all walks of social media promised supermodels, yatchs and world class acts. This would be the ultimate experience for festival goers as nobody had ever been before so the hype was gigantic. Although, the festival was not as expected with people arriving to half set up tents, poor catered food.

Although this was an event that caused a lot of people to loose money, it just shows how easy it is to promote a festival and for it to gain traction from the internet when in reality there is nothing there. 

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Bella Hadid posed in the Bahamas to promote Fyre Festival

Brand Ambassadors 

Moreover the topic of promoting festivals on instagram, various brands from H&M to TopShop now pay people to visit music festivals in return for creating content for their various social media platforms. Not only does this help the music festival as brands pay them to be there but it also helps promote the festival from first hand experiences opposed to the festival itself promoting the event. If any brands are reading this and looking for an ambassador you know where to message me on my twitter ;).

Until next time! 

– Max Martin-Wilson