The Publishing of my article:

I had scrolled through the Turner Syndrome awareness campaign website and got inspired to write an article about my journey living with Turner Syndrome.

It was two years ago, but I still remember everything so vividly. I was sitting with my mother feeling hesitant if I should share my article with the world. I knew very well that posting this article would change the way people would look at me. This disability had become the most personal about me which I had hidden from anyone. My article was about a chromosomal disorder I was born with “Turner Syndrome” and how it became my greatest strength.

A screenshot of my article that got Published

The Response:

As I shared my story,  my article got published by two online magazines. People responded to it in the most beautiful way,  from different backgrounds, cultures and schools on different social media platforms had read it. I had received the most heartfelt messages as I had posted it on my social media accounts. A lot of people with disabilities messaged me saying that for them this was something they felt inspired by. A lot of them said that they were not even aware that such a syndrome exists in the first place. which is why I am very glad that I shared my story to the world of the internet since my objective of sharing was to create awareness about learning disabilities and inspire people. I even said it in the article I wrote


“This article is not for me to look in good in your eyes or to gain sympathy. It’s there because of the lack of awareness regarding disabilities.”

My Reflection:

The internet helped me perceive my disability differently I was tired of being ashamed of my disability and keeping it a secret from everyone.  The internet gave me a platform and the opportunity to freely say that there is nothing to be ashamed of.

The internet helped me perceive myself differently as I interacted with so many people and connected with them on a human level.  After speaking with different kind of people, I realised I had nothing to be ashamed of. I should be confident and accept myself and the internet gave me a platform to do that. I had the opportunity to explain to people going through the same experience as me that there is nothing to be ashamed of.

I felt like I have made a small impact in the big digital world by sharing my story because it has inspired and made so many people aware. it’s not only about people being unaware of Turner Syndrome, there is generally a lot of ignorance and unawareness around learning disabilities which needs to be confronted as it is socially relevant, which is also one the reasons this assignment is personal for me.

I feel like I have made a small impact on the big digital world by sharing my story and creating awareness through this blog because it aims to inspire and I make many people aware across the globe. I  do not want anyone to feel ashamed of who they are, It’s an experience which I went through and the more  I  read about it online, I started understanding myself better. I want people to realise that their disability can be their biggest strength. It should not stop them from doing anything.

The video below is the Turner syndrome awareness Campaign video! the message of the video is something that I wanted to say in this blog post, a person’s disability does not have to limit them, it can also empower them. In this campaign the used the slogan

“Missing an X but still exceptional”

the meaning of this  slogan  is the essence of my blog post , Girls with Tuner Syndrome do not have an X chromosome. however their online awareness tries to convey the fact that they do not have an X chromosome makes them incredibly exceptional.

p.s I hope you watch the video