The four descriptors adopted for the voice/tone of my blog are:





I intend on using an approach within my blog which will keep people reading as the topic of relationships within blogs are very popular and therefore a different approach to others is vital. Being relatable and sardonic will allow me to say what people think on the subject of relationships but also by being factual this will back up what I am saying as opposed to talking about something which I am not very educated in. By adopting a humorous tone and voice it will keep readers attracted to what I am writing about, whereas if I use a serious and very bland tone then it will push readers away as they may not be able to relate to what I am writing about. Approaching the blog with a journalistic tone is very much similar to the notion of being factual, in that the journalistic persona will back up the facts and investigation into subjects within the topic I am writing about, therefore the readers of my blog know that I know what I am talking about and support the points I make.