Cyberbully is the use when a person uses an electronic piece of communication to bully a person. Typically being intimidating, harsh or threatening comments.” In todays day and age, cyberbullying has turned into a social norm. It has become popular to go onto social media sites and leave nasty comments about somebodies appearance or what they are doing. 

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Interview with Jack Thorne

For this blog post I have created a podcast where I interview a young boy who has had experience with cyberbully or even just face to face bullying itself. Jack talks about how gaming has caused a big impact on his elder selfs confidence. This is due to the youth today thinking it is ok to talk to people however they want. This is because they will not be confronted about and are hiding behind a screen. There is a strong link between cyberbullying and face to face bullying with 80% of cyberbullying victims, admitting to being bullied face to face. 

Cyberbullying has become a big topic that can’t be prevented as social media is a growing platform. Listen to my podcast to find out an opinion of an 18 year old who has had first hand experience.