With over 700 million iPhones currently in use world-wide, it’s no surprise iPhones have become the go-to for most every-day tasks including; shopping, messaging, controlling your heating and even cooking. New apps are being updated and developed constantly to help make your life a little easier and all from your smart phone. The first iPhone was released by Apple in 2007, way back when Blackberry’s and BBM were all the rave if you remember. 11 years later and Apple have just released their newest versions of the phone, the iPhone X and XS max costing a minimum of £999, pretty pricey for a phone. However, the price doesn’t stop the iPhone obsession our planet has. Each time an iPhone is released, the public queue sometimes overnight to be the first ones with one of the new smart phones proving the popularity of the product. So, we know the phone is popular and from having one myself I can say from personal experience that it does in fact work, but does Apple’s App Store feature an app to help me in the kitchen?


Watch out Mr. Oliver

Jamie Oliver, a household name for many reasons, his cooking being the most important. Picking up my third arm aka my iPhone, I took to the App Store and searched for ‘cooking apps’ and the first one to pop up was Jamie’s app, ‘Jamie Oliver: Recipes’. The app was free to download but like most apps on the app store it features ‘in-app purchases’ meaning I would be able to see the basic stuff on the app for free but have to pay for some extra’s, I was fine with that. The app quickly downloaded and was pretty easy to work. I was instructed that 14 free new recipes are posted at the beginning of each week, after that week was up a new 14 were posted but you were no longer able to access the previous recipes without a charge. At first this seemed like a bit of a pain but a handy iPhone feature quickly popped into mind – screenshotting! It appeared this week’s recipe had a Christmas breakfasts theme (Merry Christmas guys by the way!) and the ‘eggy crumpets with bacon’ recipe looked the most appealing to me so I thought I’d give it a shot!


In Action

The app was actually extremely straight forward; I was a bit sceptical thinking I may have to pay to see the full recipe but instead the app had many handy features. It clearly stated the preparation/cooking time, ingredients (even had a button to add all the ingredients to your weekly shopping list), and all the steps needed to complete the breakfast. The app also features step by step pictures to go along with the instructions ensuring clarity for the reader which I greatly appreciated!

Screenshot of Jamie Oliver's App

Image by Lauren Hanson

The Results

Once again, another successful and yummy recipe! Although you may argue I did not have to really do much in terms of cooking this week, I’m really testing the app not my excellent breakfast making skills! The crumpets were as easy to make as the app was to follow, Jamie made the instructions short in order to make them easy to follow and the app being on my phone meant I could easily control what I was reading and when to go to the next stage.

Image of crumpets and coffee

Image by Lauren Hanson

So in conclusion, Apps are a great way to cook in my opinion! There are hundreds of them to choose from as well, from BBC Good Food, Buzzfeed Tasty and even from beloved chefs such as Jamie Oliver. Another brilliant thing about app cooking is the synergy between other platforms. As mentioned earlier you are able to add all the ingredients from the app straight to your weekly shopping list, this cuts out the part where you accidentally forget to buy all the ingredients for the tasty new recipe you’ve been dying to try! The app also allows you to ‘like’ recipes and it will then feature recipes in relation to ones you have previously likes, leading to a personalised app of recipes tailored just for you, amazing!


Each week I’m discovering a new way to cook and each week I’m enjoying it even more! I hope you guys have tried out a few of the different platforms I’ve used but personally I would recommend a recipe app over any other. Majority of people reading this now will have a smartphone with access to an app store. Find a recipe app and start cooking! It couldn’t be easier than that, millions of recipes at your fingertips. Apps also have a similar feel to old school recipe books, Oliver’s one had you tap to the next page, as if reading a book. The similarities between old and new can be seen on some apps, however, I’m not sure if the Jamie Oliver paperback is able to add the ingredients straight to your shopping list, might have to stick to the app for that one.

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