What can you exactly buy online?

There are thousands if not millions of products you can buy online. That can range from supplements, clothing, accessories and fitness/nutrition plans.

The web has created a chance for thousands of gym/supplement brands to sell their products across the world.


It’s obvious that a healthy balanced diet is key to maintain a healthy body and mind. As well as other factors such as exercise and keeping active in day to day hobbies to keep your mind healthy. Supplements can help and benefit these factors and uphold a healthy life. Such as cod liver oil to help lubricate bones which is vital for lifting weights and running, protein powder to help build muscle quicker, stronger and more efficient also there are the smaller details like amino acids like L-Arginine which turns into nitric oxide and helps blood flow more efficiently. The digital impact has had a major, and I mean major effect on our knowledge of what supplements do to our bodies as there are articles on almost every supplement that exists about the benefits and negatives of the supplement. Bodybuilding.com is one of the leading stores online that sell supplements for sports/gym. They have hundreds of brands online and articles about supplements and other news workout shows what articles bodybuilding.com release. Here you can see a public fitness star Julian Smith (@smith.julian) who has 1 million followers on Instagram discuss about Pre work supplements and if they work or not. Before the digital change and rise in social media, you couldn’t get information at the touch of the button like this before.

Clothing and Accessories.

Of course, fashion has found its way in the fitness industry as vanity can sometimes over take, particularly when you start to notice the improvements in your body after training for a few months. Nevertheless, brands have taken their fashion ideas in the fitness industry such as Nike, Adidas and Puma. Gym clothing is not now just for training in but also has some sort of fashion element to it. You’ve got your modern style gym clothing to ‘old school’ clothing which has become popular is recent years, you have professional bodybuilders who sell their own clothing/supplement brands. Wesley Vissers has his own brand Vintage Genetics (https://vintagegenetics.com/) and he’s bringing old school gym fashion back, like the 70’s and 80’s when body builders wore basically nothing. Using social media of course to promote his own clothing brand, again this can link to Clay Shirky and how a consumer is now a producer with the popularity of social media, of course Wesley saw the benefits this can bring to his company.

This market however has become extremely competitive. Almost everyone who’s considered a public figure and has thousands if not millions of followers on social media have their own brand. Professional sports stars also have their own clothing brand, and this can create a great competitive market but of course it’s always going to be the fans of that person who would normally buy their item, compared to a brand like Nike, Puma or Adidas. Their brand has no figure identity, some do however promote multiple sport stars but it’s normally the stars promoting their brand not the other way around, unlike Wesley Vissers brand vintage genetics he’s the only figure for that brand. I read an article on Nike and the statement was “Consider Nike’s “Just Do It” campaign. All it takes is megabucks to hire the world’s most sought-after celebrity athletes, to buy television time at $40,000 a second during the Super Bowl, and to saturate the retail channel with product promotions and giveaways. But none of that worked as well as Nike’s ubiquitous tag line, “Just Do It.” The phrase is practically an entry in the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary under the listing: American culture. Everyone from cynical marketers in ad agencies to prison guards in B-movies is using the phrase without irony. Every time they use it, they’re endorsing Nike products.” This statement shows how affective their slogan is, now with the web Nike can use hashtags all over social media such as “#JustDoIT”, this hashtag has over 16 million on Instagram alone.