It’s impossible to think about the post Instagram festival and not think about the outfits. #Festivalfashion is massive, the bigger, the glitterier the better. So much so people are now ‘Instagram famous’ through their festival style. Companies such as pretty little thing will send ambassadors of the brand to festivals to show off their best and most outlandish garments while smaller brands send people who have found social media fame their coolest pieces of exposure. In many ways, making a fashion statement to show your followers is becoming more important than the festival itself, todays social media stars are all about the ‘aesthetic’ and their followers love it.

With over 12k Instagram followers Chloe Davie is someone I personally follow on Instagram, purely for her incredible fashion choices. Her festival fashion incorporates everything, sparkle, animal print, bright colours and her 12k followers, love it. I, for one, don’t have the figure, the budget nor the confidence that Chloe has but her fashion and her following have led to her outfits getting bigger and bolder every summer. She now has sponsored post and fashion brands send her clothing items to wear at events and festivals year-round. This kind of exposure of a young, beautiful Uni student wearing the most garish and beautiful garments in festival fashion is propelling styles like Chloe’s to become the norm and for those of us not lucky enough to find the fame, we at least get to try this modern #festivalfashion. Yes, it’s over the top, yes, it eccentric but being able to be that loud seems to only be acceptable in the land of the festival and personally I wish that I could be that glittery from dawn until dusk.

Chloe davie in sparkly outfit

Sparkle and smile. #festivalfashion

But I can understand the pessimism, when you consider the traditional boho, wear brown so you already look muddy- wellies are essential because there has been on dry glasto in all of its 38 years- festival fashion, it is a much more commercialised and extreme look. But with new festivals and style changing constantly, you’ve got to give these girls props for finding a way to pay for their festival love and look fabulous while doing it.


Some people however, inspired equally by the glitter, are still dressing as loudly at festivals for the love of looking like a ‘Indian space mermaid’ and not the likes nor the fame

“I love that anything goes” says Sasha, a 25-year-old Electrician. “you can be as fabulous as you want! I can be my true crazy self at festivals! Let it all out so I can cope with looking average the rest of the time!”

Sasha’s own Instagram, with a modest follower count of mainly friends and family, is filled with her festival antics and, perhaps more importantly, her ‘#festivalfashion.’

Girls wearing wacky outfits


Image of a festival goer #festivalfashion

Sasha’s #festivalfashion

Inspired by Sasha’s words, I myself will now be investing in and Indian space head band because, why not? The idea of a festival is to escape the everyday, be as crazy as you want and express yourself with peace and love and then, if you MUST, post it on Instagram and use #festivalfashion to compare it to others. 

So maybe, just maybe social media is not the nemesis of traditional festival, yes, some people get paid to dress as wacky and glamourous as the can, but they only get paid because they were already doing it. Self-expression, freedom from judgment, all of that singing and dancing stuff. But more to the point, yes, we’re dependant on our phones and social media to highlight the best, most glitzy parts of our lives, but through that, people like Chloe and Sasha are inspiring others around them to do the same. It might be all about the gram, but personally, I see what their promoting, beyond the festival clothing brands, to be all the things that we should be promoting to young women. To be yourself, however crazy that may be and to not care what everyone thinks, and if people love what you wear, fab, if not, it doesn’t matter. You can get 2 likes, you can get 2000 but if you are happy and confident then you, my friend, are embracing the festival life and #fetsivalfashion and you look good.


Peace, love and rock and roll is out, Peace love and Instagram is in. Like it or loathe it, it’s how it will stay. And whatever the fashion you can still give out your free hugs and the crowd will still look a little something like this:

Audience at festival #festivalfashion

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