How many Halloween makeup looks have you seen on social media this year? I have seen hundreds of makeup looks inspired by holiday seasons such as Halloween and Christmas all over YouTube, Instagram and Twitter over the years. However, there are more and more holiday inspired looks gracing our screens every year.
Holiday makeup looks show that makeup is an art form, as mentioned in my previous blog posts: Beauty: An Online Bonanza and Men and Beauty Online.

Influencers and makeup artists will create looks inspired by a holiday such as Halloween and post them online. This has become something all beauty influencers will do now in the holiday seasons and it has become almost a competition of who can present the most creative makeup look on their social media channels.

History of Halloween

Halloween originated with an ancient Celtic festival of Sahmain. At these festivals, people would light bonfires and wear costumes to scare off ghosts, according to All Saints Day, then arose which had some of the same traditions as Sahmain. The evening before was known as All Hallows Eve, which later changed to Halloween.

When we think of Halloween, we think of costumes, trick-or-treating and pumpkin carving, so how did Halloween makeup become so prevalent?

Beauty gurus all over the internet have huge success with Halloween makeup tutorials. They are great for when you have no costume to wear and you need to create a last minute costume using makeup. Other makeup artists see this success and follow the trend.

Like Halloween, we think of Christmas as a time for family, possibly religion and lots of food if you’re me. However, makeup has become more and more popularly associated with Christmas. A lot of people will give and receive makeup as a gift for Christmas and creations of artistic Christmas makeup looks are on the rise.

Presence of Holiday Makeup Online

Halloween and Christmas makeup looks are all over our social media timelines now but what next? Could this mean that other holidays that aren’t as big as Christmas and Halloween could give beauty influencers the inspiration to do makeup looks on the same scale? We could end up with thousands of St. Patrick’s day or Guy Fawkes night makeup looks on our timelines very soon.

The large volume of festive beauty looks online boosts creativity. Many talented individuals will aim to do looks that haven’t been seen before which keeps viewers updated with original content.

Nikkie de Jager, otherwise known as NikkieTutorials (@NikkieTutorials) has made many videos featuring Halloween and Christmas makeup looks. Nikkie is a Dutch makeup YouTuber, with over 11 million subscribers from around the world. It could be argued that she is one of the most popular beauty YouTubers around at the moment. This year, she made a series called “Halloweek”, where she made 7 different Halloween makeup tutorial videos for each day of the week.

Click below to visit Nikkie’s “Halloweek” videos:

Popular YouTubers and influencers like NikkieTutorials are making makeup looks for holiday seasons more and more popular which could mean that sales of more Halloween or Christmas makeup products will happen in the future.

Kylie Cosmetics is the perfect example of a brand which sells a lot of holiday themed products already. Last year,

Kylie Cosmetics.

Kylie Jenner released an entire holiday collection for Christmas, which included the “naughty” and “nice” eyeshadow palettes. Kylie has also created, birthday bundles for her birthday and also for Kris Jenner’s birthday, along with Halloween and Valentine’s day products. Here, we see the beginning of sales for holiday themed makeup and these sell worldwide due to Kylie Cosmetics being a huge platform online with various social media accounts and even Kylie Jenner promoting it on her Snapchat account.

Does Everyone Love Holiday Makeup?

Most people shown online love festivities, and holiday seasons may give everyday makeup wearers a chance to get creative and go wild, which they may not be comfortable enough to do very often. Makeup art has given Halloween in particular a whole new meaning as people have the ability to create amazing costumes using makeup. These makeup ideas may not have occurred to people before seeing them online and they may not know how to create such looks without watching tutorials on YouTube.

Not everybody loves festivities though, in fact, according to only 2 billion people in the world celebrate Christmas when there are over 7 and a half billion people living in the world. Perhaps the volume of Christmas and Halloween makeup looks online could suggest that the online beauty community is very westernised and only representative of those who do celebrate Christmas, for example. Also, for the people who don’t celebrate these holidays, seeing so many of these looks on their timelines may become tedious.

The holiday themed makeup looks we see online are becoming more prevalent and things are set to continue that way, whether you love it or hate it. Holidays are a huge seller for cosmetics and beauty influencers massively help these sales and to boost creativity by showing everyone how do create looks like theirs.