Hello all! Welcome back to yet another blog post! After examining whether digital media has caused politics to go wrong through events such as Brexit and Trump’s Presidency, the most tragic political events of 2016, we now look into the Digital Democracy; what is it and is it useful?

What is the Digital Democracy?

Paper Ballot | Pexels.com

Being born in 1999, my world and most likely yours has lived through a digital revolution. So far in my lifetime, there has been the birth of the world wide web and the development of digital technology, developments which has disrupted services, business models and industries with new services. Following events such as Brexit and Trump, we are more aware of how digital technology disrupts the contemporary notions of representable democracy

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The digital revolution has led to the digital democracy where there have been reinventions of various democratic institutions and methods.

For example, Flux Party is a blockchain enabled platform which allows members of the public to vote via the app. Members are able to save or trade in votes. Mivote is another example of a blockchain enabled platform with aims to make Australian democracy more direct, democratic and informed as people are informed and can vote in advance.

These initiatives all focus on increasing the engagements of citizens and succeed at doing so as digital technology provides the opportunity has the potential to empower greater participation in our democratic process, through the opportunity to increase levels of awareness and accountability.

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Obama’s Digital democracy

“Barack Obama is the victor, and the Internet is taking the bows” (Cohen 2008)

Time to reminisce on Obama, a time where a presidential election was a happy and momentous occasion. Digital democracy engages citizens in government and civic action through online tool; For 2008, Presidential election President Obama used digital democracy to his benefit.

Digital Democracy Infographic| Anoushka Chauhan

Digital Democracy Infographic| Anoushka Chauhan

Obama’s Digital Democracy Inforgraphic

Here we can see how Obama successfully integrated digital democracy into his campaign, a tool Trump also used but on a different, more negative scale.

The Digital Divide

North/South Divide | Kingj123

“Is the Internet making politics less exclusive?” (Hindman 2008)

Although Digital democracy holds great benefits, such as Barack Obama, there are also some drawbacks. The digital divide is defined as a divide between people who have access to technology and those who don’t, it can split a country’s involvement with politics along tech savvy lines.

Obama’s campaign relied on modern technology to reach a large population of young voters, it focussed attention in an area of out of reach voters, but by doing this a large population affected by the digital divide were unable to be as informed and mobilized as other voters

Concluding Thoughts

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So, is the digital democracy improving our democracy? Electoral processes have become more convenient in several countries where the paper ballot has been substituted for electronic voting machines, ICT tools reduce the costs of participation but also have a risk of being manipulated, for example, Hacking.

Like anything, the digital democracy has highlights and drawbacks, but greater global issues such as the Digital Divide leads us to the question whether technology needs to be made more accessible before innovations such as the digital democracy in established

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