It is being used more and more overseas so why has the mighty Premier league not jumped on board the bandwagon.  Here’s all we need to know about the potential addition of VAR in the Premier League:

What is it?

Every week a new story about VAR breaks out in the press for some reason or another. But what is all the fuss about? VAR, otherwise known as the Video Assistant Referee system is footballs first use of video technology to reach more correct decisions.

Some fans love it, some fans hate it. Whatever your opinion is it appears you’re gonna have to get used to it because it’s here to stay. We’ve all seen it at the world cup, but now VAR soon looks set to become a reality in the Premier League.

Referee runs back on pitch to give France a penalty

Referee Nestor Pitana awards a penalty to France in World Cup Final against Croatia after reviewing VAR  | Image by Ben Sutherland (CC BY 2.0)

Premier League clubs agree testing for 2019-20

Just last month the Premier League confirmed that a principle agreement has been made by clubs to allow technology to be used from the 2019-20 season onward. So much for the prehistoric issue of human error. Technology is taking over!

Premier league chairman Richard Scudamore stated it is inevitable that VAR will come into play sooner rather than later. Though he is now stepping down from his position, receiving a controversial £5 million leaving present.It’s alright for some ain’t it! Safe to say the leaving gift has ruffled a few feathers and Richard isn’t the most popular bloke in the world right now.  Who knows what will happen to VAR plans once he leaves his role.

Players Reaction

With the current season barely at the half way stage there has been no shortage of controversy. Whilst many players would choose to give a very media trained post-game interview after a result didn’t go their way, one player gave an interview of pure passion that had fans of all teams applauding him. Stand up saints forward Charlie Austin for his scathing attack on the officials.

Amid a relegation battle Austin’s Southampton side were cost a vital 3 points against Watford. A shocking disallowed goal was the main talking point, easily preventable with VAR. The interview became a viral sensation and rightly so. His rant was then taken and played over Blur song Parklife and the result is comedy gold. Never change Charlie.

No more drama?

With VAR does this mean the end of moments like this. Will the game fade out in to a boring state with no controversial talking points? Though some fans might not like to admit it the game thrives on drama. We love a handball goal. We love it when the wrong player gets sent off.  We love a questionable  last-minute penalty. This is what gives fans a buzz, gets the heart rate pounding and provides hours of debates with your mates down the boozer.

Classic dramatic decisions can be argued over for days, weeks, months and years. They live long in the memory and are symbolic of the premier league’s entertainment.

As much as I love the drama, don’t get me wrong when a ludicrous decision goes against Chelsea, I’m the first one screaming at the tele for VAR. There was no pain greater than the Chelsea Vs Barcelona champions league semi-final of 2008. It still haunts me to today. There is no better argument for VAR to be implemented in all competitions than the video below.

Fans reaction

Whatever the topic fans all over the world have a strong opinion. VAR is no different. Fans’ opinion on VAR is more divided than ever. Many people are adamant that it will make the game a hundred times fairer and wipe out horrendous officiating errors. Others claim it’s a faulty system and the trials haven’t worked.

We will have to wait and see if VAR will become a formality in the prem. Only time will tell. All I can guarantee is we will be hearing a lot more about it throughout this season, that’s for sure.