“How social media can make history.”

Clay Shirky is a teacher/consultant on the social and economic effects of internet technologies and journalism. He once spoke about how the internet will “make history” and he was right in one way or another. In his TED talk (that I’ve linked at the bottom) he speaks about how quick technology is advancing from the first books being published, to the first camera being built and to televisions and telephones being placed in every home.

Then he starts talking about the internet, we’ve had the internet for a few years now, but he states that there is a change in how we take and give information. “Consumers are now producers.”, what Clay Shirky means by that is that people who use social media not only take in information from news articles, intellectuals and publics figures. But you can also produce your own Information and share it with the world, and this is perfect for people who are personal trainers and have knowledge in the fitness industry. Instead of writing a book/articles like the good old days and waiting for it to be published, you can now simply create a Social media account, that can be YouTube, Instagram, Twitter or any one you desire and post content you want of ANYTHING! But for the fitness industry purposes you can post a range of videos and pictures explaining what you can do to become fitter. For example, you could post a video of how to squat properly or post a picture on twitter on how to count your macro nutrients and there are thousands of people who has took advantage of that, some of course have more success than others but that doesn’t stop anyone from posting their thoughts and progress.

Here’s the video by Clay Shirky

There are other theorist like Andrew keen who believe there should be gate keepers in order to stop fake news and other false articles being published by non-intellects however, that could create a halt to normal people (like myself) who like to give their own opinion on the fitness industry as it could stop myself from being supportive towards the industry, however the point is more targeted at fake news and citizen journalist although it can link.

Even I’m guilty of doing so, here are some personal images of my progress that I’ve posted on my personal Instagram.


So, that’s one reason to why people in the fitness industry have took advantage of the digital media as everyone can become producers as well as consumers but also people’s self-esteem. People who follow fitness stars and body builders on social media tend to compare themselves to their idols which can have an impact on people. I’ve spoken on past articles how there is a link between social media and depression but also how people look up to their public figures and want to become them instead of being something themselves. But linking back to Clay Shirky’s view on social media, people don’t just want to look like their idols, but they also want to live/make an income like their idols. So that’s why people have created their own social media platforms dedicated to the fitness industry to be like stars such as Calum Von Moger, Rich Piana and Bradley Martyn. I mean what’s not there to love? You get thousands of likes, get sponsorship’s and get paid from various companies to promote their products. Not only to mention the money they make form personal training ONLINE.


In this link there’s Calum Von Mogers’ EBOOKS and there are books that are $50 and annual memberships to online coaching at $150. So, there’s a reason people want to become producers. Not to only look like their stars but to live like their stars to.

Here is an example of me using social media as a producing tool showing my favorite chest exercise. (sorry about my brother egging me on)