Hey guys,

I hope you are all enjoying the Christmas preparations! Today I will be talking about Fitness and YouTube. Specifically, I want to touch upon YouTube and subscriptions to certain YouTubers. Furthermore, I want to talk about the concept of ‘vlogging’ that includes daily fitness routines and food prep of certain individuals. Last but not least I will let you know about fitness videos and workouts on YouTube but also how the channel pays for the marketing of some products. Right so let’s get straight into it!

Just Some Facts

YouTube was created in 2005 by a group of three people who initially were employees of Paypal. To this day, Justin Bieber’s video of ‘Baby’ is the most watched video on YouTube which has scored over 536 million view. At the top of the list for Fitness YouTubers are girls such as Robin Gallant or Whitney Simmons. Whitney has more than 1.2 million subscribers and her videos score an average of 500K views.

Youtube and the Platform as a Business Opportunity

Statistics say that the average person spends about 180 minutes a day on YouTube. Apparently, in the EU this number is rising by an average of 45% every year. However, more and more Fitness YouTubers use the platform as a business opportunity. By capturing attention, experimenting with viral marketing and connecting the platform to social media they are now able to grow their business through this platform. This is done through posting exciting workout videos that you can do at home with ordinary house tools. Advertising their already well known social media through YouTube and linking the social media to this platform could benefit when growing in size and awareness of the Fitness YouTuber.

However, the platform also helps in business when wanting to communicate with customers, in this case with subscribers that are interested in Fitness. For example, Robin Gallant has about an average of 300 comments on her videos.

YouTubers that Vlog

Several YouTubers that are involved within the Fitness Industry ‘vlog’. Now this is a concept combined by ‘video’ and ‘blog’ hence VLOG. Essentially, YouTubers talk about their day and take their camera everywhere they go. They record what they are doing and when. Just like they would in a blog, they discuss matters but do this as they go along throughout their day. Often, vlogs include workouts and meal preps and just an explanation of things that happen in between. It’s an update on the person’s situation but also may be more specific with certain topics discussed in the vlog.

If you still have no idea what I mean then have a look at these fitness vlogs!


Fitness Workouts and Guidance on YouTube

YouTube can not only be used for vlogs but is also sooo great when you are stuck on workouts and inspiration. Or even if you need help to do a certain exercise!

There are so many workout videos out there that if you type ‘workouts’ into the search engine on YouTube you get tons and tons of videos with workouts from different people. It can definitely be said that YouTube is unique when wanting to look up workout videos for free. However, that is not the only good thing about workout videos on this platform! There are many videos that explain how to do certain exercises, techniques and how certain muscles are targeted. If you’re interested then an example of this can be found below!

YouTube and paid advertising – scams?

Now this is where we get into the nitty gritty stuff about YouTube and Fitness in particular. There are sooo many YouTubers out there that promote products on their channels and are paid for it. Many of those claim high quality standard of products when really they are a complete scam. In my opinion, it’s really important to look out when buying stuff that is promoted through social media. Always make sure you have read reviews of people who have purchased your desired product and also check the star rating! In particular a lot of female fitness influencers promote workout clothing or supplements.

An example of this is the promotion of Gymshark workout clothing. Now, I am not saying that their products are a scam as I myself have purchased a whole variety of their workout collection. But it is important to critically look at these brands and to make sure that the products which are branded on YouTube by influencers such as Robin Gallant and Whitney Simmons (previously mentioned) are what they are promoted as. When looking at the videos below it is clear that both Whitney and Robin are paid by this brand to create reviews on the brand’s clothes. However, they both seem to be honest and genuine when it comes to commenting on the clothes.



In the End

What is important to take away from this in my opinion is, to remember that YouTube has given a digital opportunity to follow other people we look up to on an even closer level! We are now able to see them, to be part of their daily routine! Workout videos have given us the opportunity to educate ourselves. Promotions have introduced us to new products but also increased the awareness around false product branding! Overall, in my opinion YouTube is a great social media platform that educates and entertains more than it is used for negative purposes!