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Online dating is an industry in which millions of people indulge themselves in on a day to day basis, so you would think that the owners of the biggest online dating sites would sit back happily gain more and more money… easy peasy. Well this isn’t the case and there are some very optimistic ideas of how online dating is going to go even further and ‘progress’ in the coming years. I guess swiping ‘right or left’, or judging whether someone is ‘hot or not’ through the swipe 0f a finger just isn’t enough for some people! I will be talking through some of these weird and wonderful ideas people have for the future of online dating.

According to research by Badoo, an average of 68% of their users who were British said they are uncomfortable with the idea of swiping left or right on another user and also dislike the appearance matching of dating apps. They feel that it is a degrading way of meeting people, which it is when you look at it as judging someone before you’ve even met them! Instead, around 83% of those who responded felt that they would prefer and feel more confident/comfortable meeting another user after viewing some kind of live stream of them. As weird as this idea sounds at first, if you think about it, it might help users have a more successful experience online as well as catching out those strange catfishers who live among us. People will be able to connect with others and it would be very hard for someone to portray themselves as someone younger or a completely different person if they had to live stream in a video with another user.

As we know, technology is always progressing (although a lot feel it’s regressing) and because online dating is around these days due to technology itself, the ‘progress’ of technology means it is an inevitability that technology will keep impacting the way people meet in different ways in the future. Anufriev (2018) believes that before we choose whether we like someone or not by genetic data, we may be able to start judging the attractiveness of another user on a physiological level. They believe tracking may be a factor, which will record the body reactions of users. They also think if we are able to have some sort of heart rate monitor connected to a dating app we will be able to notice whether someone pretty or handsome one makes a users pulse speed up. Like the streaming online idea, this may actually be a good idea but I can’t seem to think of anyone who would actually do this, but it is 2018… anything can happen. This idea doesn’t really help the future of dating online because users will still find themselves in the optimistic conundrum of always hoping who they have ‘swiped right’ on returns the favour. So although it may help with finding attractiveness by heart rate, it can’t be as beneficial and successful as actually on a stream with someone.

Now, the next idea prediction for the future of online dating is very optimistic, but due to the technology and the supposed infinite wisdom of the people with money these days, it actually seems possible. The CEO of Tinder, Sean Rad believes that one day we may be able to find ‘the one’  anywhere by pointing your phone with the notification of someone being single . He also said users could be able to use augmented reality which will give out virtual signals which are coloured, to strangers walking past them on the street therefore indicating whether someone is single or not. This is a crazy but a somewhat possible prediction! I mean, you would be allowing users and they would be allowing you to know each others relationship status without even having to talk to each other, but I guess people shouldn’t be signing up for online dating unless they’re single! Can you imagine walking down the street minding your own business and then some random person comes up to you and already knows half of your life before even talking to you, it would be quite scary if this idea actually became a reality.

Where do we draw the line on things like this, surely there’s a point where we don’t need to know someone so much before even talking to them because we want to get to know people when we talk to them don’t we? Personally I see this as another one of those things where we can’t just be happy with how things already are. Overall, the streaming idea is a pretty good one as it may stop problems as well as be a success in finding someone, however the heart rate monitor prediction is a bit useless, and the virtual signal prediction is just weird and will only create more problems like harassment, as if there isn’t enough of it around today!!!