Instagram is just one social media site that people all over the world can use to post photos and videos of anything they want for anyone to see. But what impacts does it have on people dating?

Instagram is a fairly new app available since 2010, today it has 1 billion active users each month. This means that our personal lives are broadcasted to many people including our relationships. Some couples enjoy showing people how amazing their relationship is, but is this just a way to hide the cracks? However, posting such pictures are not necessarily a negative but an encouragement to let viewers know that they too can be in that position.

The variation of these couple pictures are huge. There are those which are carefully posed but then there are the natural ones which have not been edited or have the most “instagrammable” background. For myself and lots of my friends as students it is a challenge to get these images so we post the more realistic couples photos. These images are perhaps the most personal and produce the most meaning for those in the picture. I personally feel these are the best kinds of photos as they are unplanned and hold a memory.

Exploring Instagram Photos

This is an image of my friend and her boyfriend. Although this image is filtered and looks slightly posed it is very natural still. Matt who posted the image has not gone to extreme lengths of editing it by downloading editing apps on to his phone.

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This second image below is a heavily filtered image of a couple who have the money to edit images to a high level. They can also afford to have luxury holidays to provide luxury backgrounds.

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Can’t wait to make more memories with you ?

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Sliding into DMs. Is Instagram the new dating app?

Instagram has become a modern dating app within its self and people “sliding into dms” which basically means that men and women are choosing to message people  by directly messaging them. Many reality stars such as Kady McDermott, former Love Island contestant, met her boyfriend this way. This suggests that he likes what he sees from her instagram but remember as a reality star she can afford to edit these images. Therefore, he perhaps took a risk as Instagram can mask someones true personality and distort their looks.

However, when you look on her Instagram and other social media sites it has clearly paid off! This isn’t the only story of people finding love on Instagram, there are plenty more out there. Some people would never think to turn to Instagram to find love or they believe its just not right or especially for famous people it may encourage others to “slide into their dms”.

I don’t like a girl on social media, when you have an open inbox, answering questions from dudes left and right every day. What’s the point? It’s like having your number all out. Everybody think they’re famous when they get 100,000 followers on Instagram and 5,000 on Twitter.

– Meek Mill


It can cause serious problems for couples such as people messaging those who are in relationships as they may have chosen to not broadcast their relationship online. This can cause problems and destabilise the relationship but this is the case with any app as it is possible to freely add people on Snapchat and Twitter. However, you shouldn’t let this become a major issue especially if you trust your partner.

The End

I was searching on Instagram the other day and found that Love Island winners Jack and Dani broke up with Dani posting this as a story on her account. It told users how they had chosen to part ways but will remain friends. Then just two days later she posted a new instagram story of the two laughing together. This shows that infromation of breakups can travel fast and that is difficult to erase them. It causes people to question whether Dani was being dramatic, a publicity stunt or to keep their two upcoming shows being aired on TV.

What next?

When your relationship ends you are faced with the question “Do I delete the pictures of us?”, it is very difficult to erase these images as it tells part of your “instagram/life story”. This can be problematic when entering a new relationship as there is the possibility they will scroll down on your past posts to see how you’ve changed or get an insight. Unfortunately they may even stumble on pictures of you with past lovers. I personally believe it is best to remove these images as it helps you to get over the heart break. Lucky for you this prevents any issues in the future especially if your profile is covered with such pictures!

What does this all mean?

The internets existence has definitely impacted dating especially with Instagram as it means any part of your relationship can be published online. Now with features such as “stories” and being able to go “live” you get an even wider insight to people’s relationships. They allow people to show private moments such as waking up in the morning or the unrealistic expectation of getting a place together and a puppy after only being together a few months. It generates a pressure on couples but each relationship is unique.

This blog post evidently shows that Instagram drastically effects us regarding relationships and can produce issues particularly when you look on their tagged photos or their older posts of them with others.