Jamie and I talk about the original concept of the Me Too movement and how it has progressed through the industry. Jamie is an all round fabulous human being! Whilst being a brilliant role model to ALL Jamie is an award winning LGBTQIA+ Editor in Chief, Freelance Writer, Public Speaker and Model. Their magazine FRUITCAKE was the 2018 winner at Graduate Fashion Week in London, and has been sold in countries all over the world, such as the UK, US, Germany, France, Spain and many more.

It is important to understand the different communities within our society. With the #metoo movement rapidly growing there needs to be a sense of inclusivity and togetherness. In this interview I explore the various dynamics between the LGBTQ+ community and the industry within the realm of sexual harassment. I am extremely interested in how the #Metoo movement is taken in by the LGBTQ+ community as such a tightly united community, is it accepted? Is it used? Is it respected?

Jamie shares with me some of their experiences where they have had to deal with sexual harassment attacks and also the Hollywood film industry and how the Me Too movement may be received within the LGBTQ+ community.

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I would like to say a HUGE HUGE thank-you to Jamie Windust for sharing their personal experiences and wise words with me and all of you reading this! Jamie is a wonderful person and honestly a great inspiration to me and encourages me to be more aware and have a more open mind.