Image source: two pictures from Pexels

Do you ever just find your eyes procrastinating on social media? Looking at someones social media and you’re thinking about how they always look happy or everything is going well in their life? Well I guess everyone wants people to see the good in their lives, to portray themselves in a way so people will like them, but this only goes to a certain extent. Behind the good on a users social media there will always the bad in which is being masked by that person intentionally, whether this may be identifying themselves as someone else, or putting on a front by uploading nice pictures of themselves even when they feel like rubbish. Now, I know everyone wants to be seemingly approachable on social media by what they post and this is absolutely normal but I for one, along with many others believe that most of social media is fake! People are always wanting to try and trick others into them believing they’re one person on social media when in reality they may be someone else personality wise, which cannot be seen through a ‘selfie’. This is a factor of people trying to impress specific people they may be attracted to, in order for someone to ‘slide into their DM’s (direct messages).

Evenosky (2016) believes that It is very unlikely for someone to illustrate their weak points and struggles for the world to see and to remember this next time it seems as if someone has everything going for them and that ‘perfect life’. The ideology of someone portraying a ‘perfect life’ is completely down to impressing others surely! If you put two different instagram users’ accounts side by side, one being a ‘perfect life’ and one being a less perfect and showing their weak points and how they are always in a bad mood, it is inevitable to be be more engaging towards someone with what they’re portraying a ‘perfect life’ as. But then I guess it’s up to anyone to decide their opinion on what can be considered perfect. Maybe users use social media to show their life in a good way to escape their own life in which they are unhappy with, but this still brings up the notion that it is hard not to consider most of social media users being fake.

In today’s world, we are never living in the moment and by this I mean whenever someone uploads a new picture of themselves, we all know the picture uploaded wasn’t the first one that was taken. ‘John’ didn’t take just one to upload because he looks good, he probably took at least 30. This is something which may seem small, but can it not be argued that this is being fake and only choosing a picture on how people want to be perceived as opposed to uploading one picture which hasn’t been perfected by filters just to gain attention or ‘likes’, besides obviously being happy yourself with how you look. Leah Fessler says that she is in an apparent constant state of joy and accomplishment: Photos of fall foliage runs, beach-side bachelorette parties, launching new projects, and making pasta with her mum. She said that much of this happiness was real. And much of it was totally manufactured. The truth is that what people post on social media often has very little to do with their inner state of mind. Surely by manufacturing your life over social media becomes totally deceiving for ‘followers’ and gets to a point where it may be impacting relationships. I mean, if someone liked the way someone looked by the way they portray their life to be over social media and begin a relationship through the web, it may be argued that there is a personality and lifestyle catfish. People are so blinded by believing what they see but this isn’t their fault, it’s the fake alternative lifestyle people so desperately want other users to notice.

Social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter share similarities with Instagram as being supposedly fake and masking the problematic life someone may live as people can portray their personalities through posting on people’s wall and in the news feed, which can differentiate their persona of them and doesn’t show the real them. Now I know it sounds stupid but this is what people do! The idea of most social media users having a ‘fake’ personality which is accentuated through social media is something which will always happen and it would be impossible to make everyone show the bad and good in their life, so this is something that just has to be accepted (unfortunately). Do you think we are being fake? Are we just trying to impress people? Or are we just trying to escape our own reality to create a much happier alternative one by showing the ups in our lives as opposed to the downs?