The Digital Impact On The Fitness Industry

Technology in Fitness:

Hello and welcome to my new blog! My name is Conor Allen, recently I have developed a keen interest towards fitness and as a result of my recent hobby, I have materialised many thoughts and considerations into the way in which our self-perception is altered in relation to conforming to online physical standards. So, throughout this Blog, I will examine the impact that digitalization and technology have on the fitness industry. I want to take a closer look at the digital progression of the fitness noting the pros and cons whilst reflecting on the modern-day digitalisation effects on fitness and self-perception.

I aim to be informative, yet authentic in the way I present my blogs. However, whilst I’m not a professional in the field that I’m posting in, Most of the content will either be of my own view or correctly attributed via the use of the hyperlink. I will refer back to my personal opinion throughout, but most importantly, this blog will be completely factual and the content that will be provided to you will be researched extensively. I don’t intend to come across as too serious in the way I talk about the topics I cover, however enviably some of the stuff I will be covering is considered sensitive. I believe that this blog can be influential and enjoyable as the content being analysed will be interesting and new.

The content will be original as not many blogs base themselves around the same topics I will be writing about. I will post once a week and always on a Friday, but posting almost every day on my socials.

Overall, I hope to provide a detailed overview of the digital impact on the fitness industry. I appreciate any feedback and encourage you to engage with me on this journey. For any further queries please feel free to leave a comment and follow me on my Instagram and Twitter page for more information and other related content:



My first blog post will analyse the way in which digital channels introduced itself into the fitness industry. But be sure to comment any other topics you want me to covet in the comment section down below!