On the Rise:

We know that Veganism is on the rise with the number of vegans having drastically increased within in recent years, throughout discussing various topics throughout my blog post it all comes down to how the internet has a played a part in bringing Veganism to where it is today. With that being said is it fair to question where the internet could potentially take Veganism in the future and are, we looking at a future where everyone is Vegan?

The internet:

The internet has helped to re define many things and veganism being one of them. Veganism was once ridiculed and looked down upon until the internet gave it a place for it too slowly become a cool and positively thought of community (for the most part) Now before I discuss how we could potentially end up with a future that is vegan I thinks it’s only right that we look at how we got to this point where even academics are considering that Veganism really is the future. I have included a video that I would encourage you to watch from an activists explaining how we have potential for a vegan future.

On the other hand, it cannot be said that everyone agrees:

We are torn between what is wrong and what is right particularly when it comes between people who eat meat and those who don’t. As you can see from the video above there are two very divided opinions. The internet has provided a place where the Vegan community have been able to spread their message and it has been received very well with the number of vegans as we know has been increasing drastically. However, In turn the internet has also become a space for people to disagree with the vegan community. Therefor meaning its uncertain whether we can determine that the future will be a vegan one or not.

Vegan celebrations:

Despite not being to be 100% percent certain what the future may hold, I strongly believe that we will eventually be living in a vegan world unfortunately not In my life time but I do believe it to be a natural progression that is going to happen as shown in previous blog posts by the gradual progression of vegans increasing. One thing that leads me to believe this is the amount of vegan celebrations that are present around the world and have started here on the internet, these being:

  • World vegan day
  • Veganuary

We’ve even come so far to have a world vegan day which takes place on the 1st November and is celebrated though community markets etc. We also have Veganuary as I’m sure most people have heard of by now. This was started as a way to encourage people to give being vegan a go at the start of the new year in place of making new year’s resolutions hence the name veganuary. I think that Veganuary is a great way to get into the vegan lifestyle and for anyone interested in taking part in this up coming veganuary i have created a page especially for you with some of my very own top tips! and helpful links.

The results of veganuary 2018:

And for every 100 people who registered another 12 family members or friends also took part according to the official veganuary. This show how the more people we encourage to try out a vegan diet more than half according to the most recent results are going to stay vegan which is the kind of progression I’m talking about in terms of heading into a vegan future, and here are the top reasons for why people choose to stay on the vegan diet.

Concluding form the veganuary results, it suggests how with the more people willing to give veganuary a chance or just adapt a vegan diet a couple of times a week will notice the benefits and become more aware of the harsh realities of the meat and dairy industry and decide to stick this.

Personal experiences:

From my own personal experiences when I first went vegan I was initially laughed at the typical ‘ha-ha, bet that will last!’ type of response. However, I have noticed more recently that the perception of veganism is changing my mum even made the change to vegan about a month, she noticed the difference in myself and wanted to give it a go for herself it just goes to show even the people who laughed at you for going vegan are now going vegan themselves or at least not so opposed to giving it a go.

The academics:

Scientist have stated that veganism is the single biggest way to reduce our environmental impact on the planet and according Oxford university students cutting meat and dairy from your diet could reduce an individual’s carbon footprint by up to 73%. It seems to be a global issue of concern with the alliance of world scientists which consists of scientists from 184 different countries all agree that ‘humans need to change their individual consumption’ of meat and dairy the fact that so many scientist from different countries over the world suggest that this is a global problem scientists from different countries are coming together discuss their concerns and are all clearly in agreement  as to best and perhaps only way to rectify this.

I believe the future is bright for Veganism and i strongly believe there will be a time when the world is vegan. Veganism has enabled me to live a more compassionate life and i thank the internet for enabling me to have the information i did and with the progression of Veganism on social media constantly growing i think it would be naive to think that veganism will remain a minority in this world.