This week’s post is a little different, I have spoken a lot about creating delicious food out of plants! So, I wanted to show you just that. I thought where better to start than a simple, quick and easy recipe to create ‘Pulled BBQ Jackfruit’ perfect to be served in tacos, wraps or even to spice up your salad! I really hope you enjoy this video and please do get involved and try this at home and let me see your attempts at my recipe over on my twitter! @healthylife__12

This is a great recipe for people just starting out as vegan, the Jackfruit’s texture resembles a meaty like texture and many of my non-vegan friends have tried this and found it to be delicious and just like pulled pork. but not! Scroll to the bottom for full recipe!

The internet has become a place for fast and easy recipes, shared via video recipe guides. Often being no more than 2 minutes long. These videos have become a trend over recent years encouraging people to cooking more and embrace simplicity and sometimes questionable food combinations. The most well-known videos called ‘Tasty’ by the company Buzzfeed have grown so much with the popularity of their videos and post on most social media platforms being Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. They even have their own App with all their recipe videos listed and ready to be watched with something for everyone!

Personally, I love watching these videos and took great inspiration from them when creating my own.

Cooking videos seem to be some of the most addictive videos to watch on the internet, video after video I seem to watch of these quick delicious recipes. Due to videos like these being so popular on the internet, it could be a leading factor as to why veganism is on the rise and why vegan YouTubers are doing so well currently. Buzzfeed create a variety of tasty videos many of them being vegan recipes as such a popular company putting out quick, simple and inviting vegan recipes, there is much wider amount of people willing to give vegan recipes a go especially when it’s made to look so delicious. As mentioned, vegan YouTubers are on the rise in popularity and many YouTubers are creating recipe videos to share with their audiences which are received very well. As a society we have become more consumed with our health with an increasing amount of people deciding to become vegan based on wanting to lead a healthier life. As you can see from this graph taken from 2016 ‘Health’ is the second most common reason as to why people have chosen to go vegan which would explain why vegan recipe videos are doing so well at the moment, we are all interested in making better choices for our body, and it seems the internet and people deciding to create content such as these videos has a big part to play in what starts to become important to us.



INGRIDENTS: (Serves 4)

  • Tinned Jackfruit in brine or water NOT syrup
  • One red onion
  • Garlic (fresh or granules are both fine)
  • BBQ Sauce
  • Salt & Pepper



Step 1- Pre heat the oven to 250 degrees and rinse Jackfruit and chop along with Onion

Step 2- Once chopped rinse jackfruit again thoroughly

Step 3- Place the chopped onion and Jackfruit onto a baking tray

Step 4- Add the garlic, salt and pepper then mix well

Step 5- Add the BBQ sauce (you could also make this yourselves) and mix well

Step 6- Place into oven and leave for 25-30 mins