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Asking someone whether dating apps are successful or wasteful sounds quite ridiculous really, as most people will come back with the obvious answer which is that it is “successful” or “it is the easiest way to meet people”, unless they haven’t used it before. Although people do find it successful, many innocent people claim that it is a complete waste of time, and it is used as more of a game to mess with people rather than genuinely wanting meet new people and progress with their love life. To be honest, the reputation of dating apps isn’t the best, but this depends on what app is being used. I guess this reputation may be down to users deciding to send inappropriate pictures of themselves, which no one wants to see, do they? Dating apps like Tinder, Hinge and Grindr that encourage us to “swipe” or judge potential lovers in a nanosecond could be cited as examples of a society that has become obsessed with pleasure and instant gratification. How successful can dating apps be when people decide within a nanosecond whether they like the look of someone and going back to the old saying “its the personality that matters” cannot be justified by just seeing someones face or a front they might be putting on to impress.

I can almost guarantee that most users of dating apps have either ‘liked’ or ‘swiped right’ on someone and have been a little down that the other person hasn’t ‘liked’ or ‘swiped right’ back. Surely it gets to a point whereby dating apps feel wasteful by users, not only this reason as to why may seem wasteful, but it has been expressed through social media that there are some absolute time wasters out there. Here is a discussion on twitter with myself and an online dating user who is not only sharing the opinion of others, but having the balls to speak up about it and not just accepting it.

Although dating apps are seen as wasteful to many (unsurprisingly), it is in actual fact seen as successful, according to a Pew Research Center Survey, who conducted in February 2016, 59 percent of Americans think dating apps are a good way to meet someone romantically. Although the majority of relationships still begin offline, 15 percent of American adults say they’ve used a dating app and 5 percent of American adults who are in marriages or serious committed relationships say that their relationships began in an app. Yes, I was surprised when I saw this too, as the millions of people who are actually successfully dating online, think it was the best way, and to be honest good on them and good luck. Again, according to Pew Internet Survey, 72 percent of Americans adults who are seriously partnered—married or otherwise—say the Internet has had “no real impact at all” on their relationship. This does suggest that the older generations who didn’t grow up with the supposedly regressing and wasteful side of technology, which is dating online find that they’re used to and happy with the old ways of dating. Therefore they haven’t had to worry about it, whereas todays generations are surrounded by dating apps and technology which is stuffed in their faces. By records of ‘Bustle’, Tinder is the most popular dating app with 7 million monthly users, where the median age of Tinder users are 26… which is on the age brink of “playing the field” and “ok I need to get my love life together”, so its quite inevitable that users on Tinder are going to encounter a lot of boring people who take enjoyment from wasting peoples time or only in it for one thing only (you’d know what I meant if I said ‘Netflix and chill’). ‘Bustle’ also claims that ‘okcupid’ is the second most popular dating app with 2.5 million users per month, with a median age of 32. This would clearly be a more fitting app for someone who is looking to find a more mature crowd, with less youngsters wasting their time, but honestly, you’ll still find those type of people you really don’t want to encounter.

Imagine if you could access all of your data on a dating app like… Tinder? Imagine if you can see all of those somewhat ‘cringey’  messages you have exchanges with people for longer than 5 minutes, or less.. well you can. You can access all of the data since you first made your account and you can even see how many times in each day you’ve opened the app!!!! Here is a link for it and I’ll let you guys enjoy browsing through your data and messages:

Whether dating apps are successful or not is completely up to opinion and experience, and I’ll let you decide on that. But there will always be people wasting time on them and don’t get me wrong, many people aren’t wasting others time but just be cautious when chatting to someone new and cut them off as soon as they mention ‘Netflix and chill’ (unless you’re into that).