The Kardashian’s are Titans of pop culture. Each of the sisters amassing millions of devout followers who idolise them entirely.



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Halloween 2018

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Their show may not to be to everyones tastes, but there is no denying the seismic impact on Pop culture the Kardashian  family posses. Kim’s selfies (or Belfies) get millions of ‘likes’ on Instagram everyday.  Kylie’s makeup comply earns her billions of dollars. But with great power comes great responsibility, and the Kardashian Klan may not be aware of the dangers of their actions.

The Deadly Pursuit of Perfection.

In pop music today, the celebration of the ‘Figure of 8’ body is rife. A flat stomach and huge breasts and bum are told to be the epitome of ‘sexy’.  The charts are flooded with songs in praise of this. And whilst it is important that women’s bodies are celebrated and appreciated, such a small percentage of women look like this, and so many of them feel that their bodies aren’t acceptable because of it.

Because these women are sold the ideas that their bodies don’t fit the mould, they are desperate for a miracle solution. And this is where companies and surgeons can cash in.

This is where bum injections, enhancements and plastic surgery come in. There has long been speculation that Kim’s body isn’t entirely natural. The FDA specifically warn of the dangers of injectable Silicone, but the market of self-loathing is apparently too profitable for some to pass on.

Earlier this year, a British Mother of two flew to Turkey to undergo the illegal procedure. The Injection went into her main artery, which killed her.


Destroying Detoxes

The ideal body shape for a woman has historically changed over time, but has always been perpetuated by men. The Kardashians cannot solely be blamed for the fetishism and sexualisation of the bum. But they absolutely benefit from it.  The insecurities of young girls who strive to be just like the family they see on TV is what funds the Kardashian lifestyle.  Their sponsored Instagram content earns them hundred of thousands of Dollars per post.

The industry of self hatred is immensely profitable and has fuelled the  magazine, diet and fashion industries for years.  In this snippet from her Channel 4 Interview,  Jameela Explains why we should be calling out the Kardashians.

‘Skinny’ Teas have long been the staple for any Instagram Influencers pay check.  With numerous brands paying anywhere from a thousand to a hundred thousand, they’re clearly a profitable business.  These diet products are almost exclusively laxative based. They are sold to young girls who are so desperate to look like their idols they’ll depart with their  hard earned cash. And when the Tea inevitably doesn’t make them look like a Kardashian,  they spiral into self loathing and purchase whatever the next fad is that will supposedly make them perfect.


Flat tummy tea doesn’t taste as good as pizza.

And that’s how the vicious cycle for women goes. Unless we do something.

I am VERY far away from having the perfect Kardashian figure. It’s not even Christmas yet but festive eating already  has my body resembling a bin bag filled with mashed potato thats been kicked around a bit.

But that’s okay.

For years I’ve bought what has been sold to me. And shamefully I’ve purchased Flat Tummy Tea.

Did  I lose weight?  Yes.  Was it worth the hours on the toilet? No.  Did I put the weight back on as soon as the Tea had run out? Absolutely.

But I have decided to not let anyone make me feel bad about my body. To not believe that purchasing fad shakes will give me the figure of my dreams and make me happy.  I beg that you all join me in understanding that yes, some women have hourglass figures and fit a societal ideal, but most women do not.  And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact it’s beautiful.

Your body is wonderful and strong. Do not spend hours on the toilet trying to attain a figure that only Beverly Hills Surgeons can give you.


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