Everyone has good memories. memories of family, friends, and loved ones impressed by the impressive scenery while travelling… and precious and beautiful memories. There will be many ways to record those warm memories. You can write down my memories in writing as You feel. Or There is also a way to visualize what you feel by drawing. Photos, which are the most common but easy way, are one of the countless ways to record memories. Take a picture of the moment and record it. Easy and quick! In fact, many people, or perhaps most people around the world, grab their cameras and take pictures at happy moments. Photographs can keep the moment on small paper or inside a small screen. And if you take it out again any time, you can go on a time trip at that special moment. I went on a trip to Ireland last Christmas holidays to meet a friend who is studying in Ireland. Ireland was different from Bournemouth where I live now. Every street was full of busking musicians, and many pubs played traditional Irish music. There are many pictures taken during the trip, but I took a few moments to capture the vivid atmosphere of the scene in a video clip. I wanted to share good memories of my trip with you guys, so I brought some videos of my own. It’s a short video, but I hope you’ll feel the good vibes that I felt while travelling Ireland.